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How To Catch An Escaped Crested Gecko 2022 Guide

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Crested geckos are a skittish animal to have.

They are cute and hardy and easy to take care of, and they have a lot of advantages that make them a popular pet among beginner and experienced reptile lovers alike.

But as popular as a crested gecko is for its ease of maintenance and caretaking, it is equally, if not more, notorious for being very skittish and jumpy.

Especially if your crested gecko is new to the house or is a juvenile or being handled for the first time, the chances of your crested gecko escaping the first chance it gets are very high.

If you are a beginner and are new to taking care of a crested gecko, then this escapade may leave you a little worried and anxious, and that is perfectly understandable.

But you don’t need to panic. A pet crested gecko escaping its enclosure is pretty common, and it happens to the best of us! Here’s how to catch an escaped crested gecko.

With a little patience and some tips and tricks up your sleeve, you will be able to get your pet crested gecko back in its enclosure safely.

Tips On Finding An Escaped Crested Gecko

Tip 1 – Calm Yourself Down

Finding a crested gecko can become a herculean task if you don’t know where or how to get started. The first tip, therefore, is to calm down.

Panic will only make you feel all the more overwhelmed and you may end up creating a bigger mess than there already is.

So, first things first, calm down and get into action mode.

Tip 2 – Narrow Down The Space That You Need To Search

This will especially come in handy if your crested gecko has just escaped its enclosure. Close all doors, windows, and vents in the room.

This will narrow down your space of search to just that one room, which will make it relatively easier for you to find your crested gecko.

Crested gecko escapes

Tip 3 – Look Into Spaces That Mimic Your Crested Gecko’s Ideal Environment

If there is an open bathroom in the room, that should be the first spot where you check for your crested gecko.

Other than that, look into places like the tiny space between furniture and wall – those are dark and warm spots and will form a decent hiding spot for your crested gecko.

Moreover, look mostly at places that are above ground level. This is because crested geckos are arboreal, and it is unlikely that a crested gecko will spend much time on the floor.

So, bending over and checking beneath the bed may not really help.

Tip 4 – Use the Biologist’s Technique of Finding Geckos in the Wild

If you have seen those wildlife documentaries on TV, you will know what this means. Using the biologist’s technique basically means making the environment, in this case, the room, dark – and then using a flashlight to look for the gecko.

When you switch all the lights off and make the room dark, you increase the chances of your gecko coming out of the hiding place.

Using a flashlight, look especially for the eyes of your gecko, as they will shine bright in the dark room when light hits the eyes.

Tip 5 – Make Spots Inaccessible After Search

If you have searched a spot, such as a drawer or a cabinet, and you are certain that your gecko is not in there.

Then make that spot inaccessible immediately so that your crested gecko cannot enter that spot after you go to another spot for your gecko hunt.

Where Would A Gecko Hide In A House?

If your crested gecko has escaped, then the first thing it will look for when trying to hide in the house is a sense of security.

It will be drawn to spaces that feel familiar because, in the wild, instincts tell us that familiar often means safe and secure.

So, inside a house, a gecko will usually look for hiding spots that are the closest to its natural environment. A crested gecko, therefore, will look for spaces that are relatively darker, warmer, and humid.

It may hide in blankets, cushions, or curtains, or if the room has an open bathroom, then your crested gecko may go and hide in the shower – the perfect spot with warmth and moisture.

How Can You Lure Your Crested Gecko Out Of A Hiding Place?

One of the best ways to lure your crested gecko out of a hiding place is to use food as bait. If you have had your crested gecko for a while, you must have become aware of the treats and foods that your pet crested gecko loves the most.

In order to lure your crested gecko out of a hiding place, simply put the piece of food in a box or bottle and a few pieces of the food in an ordered trail at the mouth of the bottle or the box.

After that, you simply need to wait for your pet crested gecko to take the bait and get into the box or bottle.

This classic food bait trap can help you catch your escaped crested gecko and put it back in its enclosure.

crested gecko escaping
Crested gecko escaping

Looking For Them During Day Vs Night

Looking for your escaped crested gecko will be much more successful during the nighttime because crested geckos are nocturnal, and so, in the nighttime, especially in a darkened room, your gecko will most likely be on accessible surfaces like curtains or ceiling.

During the day, however, your crested gecko will look for dark hiding spots because darkness will feel much more secure to your gecko out of instinct.

So, if you look for your crested gecko during the daytime, you will have to look into difficult spots such as clustered cabinets, below or behind the furniture, and small crevices or spots between the wall and other objects like the television or air conditioner.

A tip for the daytime search of your crested gecko is to make your room as dark as possible by closing all doors and windows and curtains. It will give you a better chance of spotting your escaped crested gecko.


How Do I Get My Crested Gecko Out Of Hiding?

The best way to get your crested gecko out of hiding is to create an environment that is comfortable for the gecko.

This will include closing all curtains, switching off all lights, and making the room dark, warm, and possibly humid.

How Do You Lure A Gecko Out Of Hiding?

A classic food bait trap will help you lure your crested gecko out of hiding.

In and near the mouth of a bottle or jar, keep pieces of the favorite foods of your crested gecko, and then wait patiently. Your crested gecko will follow the food trail and get into the jar.

crested gecko
Foods can lure a crested gecko out of hiding


It is completely normal for a pet crested gecko to escape its enclosure sometimes. Crested geckos are naturally very skittish in nature and startle easily.

So, never leave the enclosure of your crested gecko open and unsupervised. Moreover, only handle your crested gecko if it is comfortable with being held.

Keeping these precautions in mind will reduce the chances of your crested gecko trying to escape.

If, for whatever reasons, your crested gecko does escape, do not panic.

Simply close all doors and windows to prevent your gecko from leaving the premises of the room, and then search the room carefully.

You can use a food bait trap, make the environment dark, warm, and humid, and even use the biologist’s technique of hunting for your escaped crested gecko.

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