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Are Crested Geckos Good Pets in 2022?

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Are crested geckos good pets?

Crested geckos are one of the most popular species of reptiles among pet lovers and reptile enthusiasts. Their popularity is a testament to how good they are as pets.

They come second, only after leopard geckos, as the most sought-after geckos to keep as pets.

Naturally found in the rainforests in the islands of New Caledonia near Australia and Fiji.

Crested geckos are hardy, arboreal, and easy to care for, even by beginner reptile enthusiasts and pet owners who don’t have a lot of experience with reptiles or geckos in particular.

What Is Considered A Good Pet?

Owning a pet is a very rewarding experience for adults and children alike. Pets bring with them lots of love and joy to the house. 

What can be considered the traits of a good pet, however, depends a lot on the load of responsibilities that you can handle depending on your financial, emotional, and physical capabilities.

Questions to ask yourself when deciding on what kind of pet you should get:

  • Are you prepared to take care of a pet that will stay for 10 years or longer?
  • Are you prepared to have arrangements to take care of your pet when you are away?
  • Can you provide fresh food to the crested gecko?
  • Can you handle the expenses that come with the medical, dietary, and lifestyle requirements of a crested gecko?
  • Do you have the space to install an enclosure for your gecko?
  • Is your family comfortable with having a pet lizard that eats live insects?

If you are able to positively respond to these questions, then a crested gecko can be a good pet for you to consider.

Crested geckos care good pets
Crested geckos care good pets

Are Crested Geckos Friendly?

Well, yes and no – a crested gecko will be friendly in the sense that it does not get aggressive with anyone that often.

But when it comes to interactions and socializing, a crested gecko prefers solitude.

As the pet owner of a crested gecko, you will have to give it the time and space it needs to warm up to you and get used to your presence.

Even after warming up to your presence, it will be advisable that you do not handle the crested gecko too often.

That means you should not hold the crested gecko in your hand too often or for longer periods of time. A crested gecko needs a lot of personal space and alone time.

Are Crested Geckos Child Friendly?

Yes. Crested geckos are one of the species of reptiles, or geckos to be particular, that make for great pets in houses with children or older people.

As long as you set some ground rules with your kids, such as no loud noises near the enclosure, and no handling of the crested geckos without your supervision, there will be no other problem.

A crested gecko is very friendly in terms of being safe around kids.

Are Crested Geckos Good For Adults?

Crested geckos are really good for adults who are interested in reptiles. They are great pets for both experienced and beginner pet owners who have little or no experience handling reptiles.

If you are an adult who has recently developed an interest in reptiles, and geckos in particular, then you could start off by having a crested gecko as your pet.

As goes without saying, you will need to do a lot of research beforehand. But crested geckos are one of the simplest pet geckos in terms of caretaking.

They are quite hardy, and they will provide you with the experience required to move on to other, slightly more high-maintenance geckos, like tokay geckos.

Are Crested Geckos Good Pets For Beginners?

Yes, absolutely. A crested gecko is one of the best gecko pets for beginners who have little or no experience with reptiles. They are easy to take care of, and they have a relatively calmer attitude.

If you simply maintain these basics, you will be off to a great start with having your first-ever reptile pet. So, yes – crested geckos are good pets for beginners.

Do Crested Geckos Need A Lot Of Attention?

No, crested geckos do not need a lot of attention. On the contrary, a crested gecko prefers its personal space and alone time a lot.

So, your crested gecko may actually feel smothered if you give it a lot of attention – that might make it uncomfortable.

The key is to simply monitor and observe from afar to keep a check on your pet and ensure everything is okay.

And once in a while, you can put your hand in the tank to see if your crested gecko is in the mood to be handled – if not, then let it be. Don’t force attention on it.

Are Crested Geckos Hard To Care For?

Not at all. Crested geckos are not hard to care for.

As long as you ensure the following basics, there really isn’t more to do in terms of taking care of a crested gecko as a pet:

  • Ensure that the humidity, temperature, and lighting conditions are accurate
  • Ensure there is enough foliage inside the enclosure for your crested gecko to play around
  • Ensure the substrate is chosen in the right way
  • Have a regular feeding schedule with a properly balanced diet
  • Have a clean source of drinking water for the crested gecko inside the tank
  • Do not violate the personal space and alone time of your crested gecko

Are Crested Geckos Dangerous?

Crested geckos are not dangerous.

Crested geckos are usually very peaceful. They may only bite if they feel threatened – so, the simplest way to avoid being bitten is to let your crested gecko have its personal space and not handle it so much.

Crested geckos aren't dangerous
Crested geckos aren’t dangerous

But even if you do get bitten by a crested gecko, there isn’t much to worry about.

The bite of a crested gecko rarely ever causes any bleeding. The teeth of a crested gecko are too thin to tear through your skin.

The bite of your crested gecko could be compared to the bite of a fish – you barely feel anything.

It is advisable, though, to wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap and then apply some antiseptic to them to avoid any infections.

Summary: Do Crested Geckos Make A Good Pet?

With all that’s said above, it is safe to conclude that yes, crested geckos do make a good pet.

They are easy to care for, they are good for beginners who have little to no experience handling geckos, they are safe around children and old people, and they rarely ever get aggressive or bite.

Being geckos, however, they are not like the conventional pets who will cuddle with you or show any affection – they are biologically incapable of such emotions.

So, if you want a pet that does not cuddle, enjoys its own personal space and alone time, requires only basic caretaking, and all in all exists pretty much as a separate individual who does not want a lot of attention from its owners – then a crested gecko will be a right fit for you.

Do not get a crested gecko as a pet if you expect cuddles or affection – in that case, maybe go for a cat or a dog.

But if you are interested in having reptiles as pets and are unsure where to begin your journey in the reptilian pet-keeping arena, then a crested gecko could be the right first step for you.

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