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How Much is a Crested Gecko? Price and Care Costs For 2022

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If you are a reptile enthusiast, then a crested gecko could be the perfect choice of a pet gecko for you – whether you are an experienced reptile pet owner or a complete beginner, a crested gecko is hardy and easy to take care of.

But, before you get any new pet home, you must do thorough research and financial planning to ensure that your pet will have all of its fundamental needs met and that it will lead a comfortable and healthy life.

Crested Gecko Price

A crested gecko can be priced anywhere between $40 and $200 – and sometimes, it may even go as high as $600+. It depends on the kind of morph and the seller you get your pet crested gecko from.

Crested geckos are available in different morphs, each with a different price.

Moreover, whether you live in a state that allows crested geckos as a pet or not, and whether you need any additional paperwork done before getting a pet crested gecko also affects the price of crested geckos.

Different factors need to be taken into account when looking at the pricing of a pet crested gecko – but the base range is usually as aforementioned, between $40 and $200.

How much do crested geckos cost?

Pricing Factors For Crested Geckos

There are quite a few factors that affect the price of crested geckos. Some of the major factors are listed below:

Factor 1 – The Morph of the Crested Gecko

Crested geckos are available in a lot of different morphs. Some morphs are commonly available, such as a brown or beige tiger morph.

These commonly available morphs are available at a cheaper range of prices, anywhere between $40 and $100.

But some morphs are either very rare or at least claimed and marketed as rare – and those morphs are naturally sold at higher rates.

For instance, a morph of crested geckos called the Black Night crested gecko morph can range between $3000 and $5000!

Factor 2 – Permit and Paperwork

Some states allow you to keep a crested gecko as a pet without any paperwork, while in some other states, you may need to obtain a permit to keep a pet crested gecko.

And there could be other state paperwork processes that may take time and money. So, depending on where you live, the effective charge of bringing your pet crested gecko could vary.

Factor 3 – The Availability of Crested Geckos in Your Region

If you live in the United States, you will have a greater variety of crested geckos to choose from at a lower price.

This is because crested geckos are one of the most popular pets in the United States, and so, a lot of crested gecko breeders are available in most states of the US.

However, if you live in some regions where the crested gecko popularity is still in the stage of infancy, you may find it difficult to find a local crested gecko breeder.

In that case, it may be a little expensive for you to get a crested gecko.

Factor 4 – The Gender of Crested Gecko

If you are buying a hatchling or a juvenile crested gecko, chances are very high that you will be getting an unsexed crested gecko – this means.

You will only find out the gender of your crested gecko later on as it ages.

But if you have a specific preference of gender, that is, if you specifically want a female or a male crested gecko, then that may cost you more than an unsexed one.

Female crested geckos are often sold at prices that are slightly higher than that of male crested geckos.

lavender crested gecko
Crested gecko morphs are quite expensive

Factor 5 – The Age of Crested Gecko

Older crested geckos show their true morphs and genders and are thus sold at a higher price because then you get to choose specifically the kind of crested gecko that you want as a pet.

Hatchlings and juveniles, on the other hand, are bridled with uncertainties. Their colors keep changing until they are fully mature.

Moreover, until a particular age, you cannot even identify the gender of the hatchling.

So, when you purchase a hatchling or a juvenile crested gecko, you will have no control over what morph and gender they are.

And thus, hatchlings and juveniles are sold at a cheaper rate when compared to older crested geckos.

Pricing Table For Crested Geckos Morphs

Given below is the pricing table for the most common morphs of crested geckos available:

Normal morph baby/juvenile$50 – $100
Normal morph adult male$100 – $250
Normal morph adult female$200 – $400
Pattern-less or Solid morph$40 – $400
Bi-color morph$60 – $500
Tiger morph$90 – $280
Brindle morph$50 – $250
Flame morph$70 – $350
Harlequin morph$80 – $500
Pinstripe morph$100 – $430
Dalmatian morph$70 – $350
Pricing For Crested Gecko Morphs

Initial Supply Costs For A Crested Gecko

The total initial supply costs for a crested gecko are usually around $600 and $800. The following table shows the breakdown of the cost of initial supplies for a pet crested gecko:

SuppliesApproximate Price
Vivarium or Enclosure$100 – $300
Transport Cage$200
Lighting and Heating Equipment$65
Digital thermometer or Hygrometer$25
Pressurized Spray Bottle$15
Substrate and Plants$40
Magnetic Feeding Ledge$20
Decoration and Foliage$45
Feeding and Drinking Cups$10
Crested Gecko Diet$25
Digital Scale$20
Reptile-safe disinfectant$15
Total Initial Supply Cost without the cage$580
Total Initial Supply Cost with the cage$780
Total initial supply costs

Recurring Monthly Supply Cost

The initial supply costs cover all the costs you will incur when making those one-time investments such as getting a tank and a thermometer.

But, having a pet means having recurring monthly costs on stuff like diet, medicines, environment, etc.

The following is the breakdown of the recurring monthly costs of owning a pet crested gecko:

Crested Gecko Diet

Now, this will be more of a bi-monthly or even once-in-three-months kind of cost, because an 8 oz pack of crested gecko food will last you about 2 to 3 months depending on the appetite and age of your pet crested gecko.

One such 8 oz packet will cost you anywhere between $20 and $30. Moreover, if you feed your crested gecko live insects, that may cost you an additional $5 to $7 every month.

So, on average, the food-related monthly costs can be estimated to be around $15 to $20.

Substrate of the Tank

You need to carry out the deep cleaning of the enclosure every month, and that includes replacing the substrate in the tank as well.

That will cost you around $10 per month.

Crested gecko substrate


This should not be that big of an expense for you every month because a large container of disinfectant can last for a couple of months quite easily.

Feeding and Drinking cups

If you choose to get reusable feeding and drinking cups, you will need to wash them almost daily – they will be a one-time investment of around $20 to $30.

If, on the other hand, you opt for disposable cups, it will be a recurring cost of around $10 per month.

So, all in all, the recurring monthly supply costs for a crested gecko are approximately $40 to $60 per month.

Crested Geckos Accessories Price

When you bring home a pet crested gecko, along with the other basic supplies such as diet and foliage, you also need some accessories for monitoring and maintenance.

The common important accessories that you may need are listed below along with their approximate prices:

Thermometer and Hydrometer

This is important to measure and monitor the humidity and temperature requirements.

This will cost you approximately $20.

Insect Trap

While crested geckos are insectivorous, you do not want your pet crested gecko to eat random wild flies and insects that make their way into the room because they can be carrying harmful pathogens that will get your pet sick.

So, an insect trap is necessary to keep those unwelcome flies out of reach of your pet.
An insect trap will cost you somewhere around $20.

Digital Scale

A crested gecko needs to be weighed regularly. Any drastic changes in the weight of your pet crested gecko could be a symptom of some underlying illness.

That is why a digital scale is a must-have for every house that has a pet crested gecko. It will cost you somewhere around $15.


A humidifier is another must-have to maintain the humidity levels of the enclosure of your crested gecko. It will cost you approximately $50.

Ledger Feeder

A crested gecko is an arboreal animal and it will spend very less time on the ground or the substrate. So, you need to buy a ledger feeder to ensure that your crested gecko finds the food.

A ledger feeder costs approximately $10.

There are many other accessories that you can add to the enclosure of your crested gecko to make it more comfortable and fun for him.

These aforementioned accessories are basic must-haves that are needed if you have a crested gecko. All in all, you will need a minimum margin of $150 to incorporate all essential accessories.

Are Crested Geckos A Good First Pet?

crested gecko
Crested geckos are a good pet to have

Yes, crested geckos are a good first pet. They are hardy, easy to take care of, and relatively low maintenance.

Crested geckos are considered an ideal first pet for reptile enthusiasts who are beginners in the arena of petkeeping of geckos.

Crested geckos do not require too many vet visits unlike conventional pets such as a dog or a cat. So, a medical expense budget of $350 to $500 is enough for a whole year.

Moreover, the recurring costs of a crested gecko’s caretaking are also quite reasonable. As long as you take care of the basics, you don’t have to worry much about your crested gecko.

These reptiles live a long life of over a decade comfortably in captivity.

Best Places To Buy Crested Geckos

The following are the best online platforms for buying crested geckos:

  • MorphMarket
  • Captive Bred Reptile
  • Josh’s Frogs
  • Pangea Reptile
  • AC Reptiles
  • Tiki’s Geckos
  • CBReptiles


Crested geckos have an overall cost of around $600 as a one-time investment followed by a recurring monthly expense of around $40 to $60.

Thanks to them being hardy and low maintenance, you need to keep a budget of around $350 to $500 only for a whole year as their medical expense.

And lastly, considering the accessories and other costs, you won’t need more than $200 to incorporate any additional expenses.

Crested geckos are a reasonable and hardy pet to have and are perfect for reptile enthusiasts regardless of whether they are beginners or experienced gecko pet keepers.

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