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Crested Gecko Eating Coconut Fiber, What To Do?

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by The Pet Engineers


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For most crested gecko owners, coconut fiber serves as a great substrate for their crested gecko tanks.

However, sometimes, some crested geckos get curious and try to eat coconut fiber. This can lead to health problems.

This is when you may want to consider some other substrate that is a little more digestible.

Here’s what to do if your crested gecko eats coconut fiber.

Key Takeaway:
Coconut fiber isn’t dangerous to a crested gecko.

However, too much and your gecko might be impacted. To prevent it from eating coconut fiber, make sure it’s well-fed and hydrated.

Why Is My Crested Gecko Eating Coconut Fiber?

Crested geckos may eat substrate such as coconut fiber due to one or more of the following reasons:

1 – Accidental Ingestion

This is one of the most common reasons why your crested gecko may have eaten coconut fiber.

It may have been playing around, trying to ambush the cricket or mealworm that you left for it in the tank – and accidentally, it may have ingested some coconut fiber substrate too.

crested gecko
Your crestie might accidentally ingest the coconut substrate

2 – Nutrient Deficiency

When a crested gecko is facing nutritional deficiency, it can lead to the crested gecko getting desperate and eating anything and everything it can forage.

Sometimes, in captivity, this translates into the crested gecko eating the substrate – which – in this case, is coconut fiber.

3 – Less Food/Meals

It is common knowledge that crested geckos need to be fed only 3 to 4 times when they become adults.

But some crested geckos with a slightly larger appetite may be getting hungry before their scheduled meal and thus, they may resort to eating coconut fiber from the substrate.

4 – General Curiosity

If you have brought a new crested gecko home, or if you have just recently switched to a new coconut fiber substrate, your crested gecko may get curious about it.

In this curiosity, your crested gecko may have eaten some coconut fiber.

Is Coconut Fiber Safe For Crested Geckos?

When ingested in small amounts, coconut fiber is digestible. But you need to sift through the coconut fiber properly, or else, it may lead to impaction.

If your crested gecko ingests too much coconut fiber, it may even die. But that will be the case with any substrate.

Coconut fiber is a relatively safer option – just ensure that your crested gecko does not ingest too much of it too frequently.

reptichip coconut substrate
Too much ingestion of coconut fibre can cause impaction

What To Do When Your Crested Gecko Eats Coconut Fiber?

More often than not, you will not have to do anything if your crested gecko eats coconut fiber.

This is because it is mostly digestible and when ingested in small amounts, it does not cause much problem.

If in case, your crested gecko is suffering from impaction due to ingesting coconut fiber, you should try the following measures to help relieve the problem:

  1. Try hydrating your crested gecko.
  2. Soak it in lukewarm water.
  3. Feed vegetables that are high in fiber.

How To Prevent Your Crested Gecko From Eating Coconut Fiber?

The following 3 simple measures will help you prevent your crested gecko from eating coconut fiber:

  1. Put a cover of leaf litter over the substrate to hide the loose particles.
  2. Ensure your crested gecko gets all the required nutrients in the required amounts.
  3. Provide enough mental enrichment through foliage and live food to prevent your curious pet from eating coconut fiber.
Make sure your crestie is well fed to prevent it from eating the coconut substrate


Coconut fiber is a naturalistic and safe option for a substrate for your crested gecko tank.

However, if your crested gecko ingests too much coconut fiber it can suffer from impaction.

In some severe cases, crested gecko owners have reported that their pets have died due to eating too much coconut fiber from the substrate.

That’s why it is always better to keep an eye out and prevent your crested gecko from trying to eat coconut fiber.

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