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Can Crested Gecko Eat Waxworms or Not 2022?

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Insects and larvae are the main part of a crested gecko’s diet. One of them is the waxworms which are larvae of the wax moth.

This brings us to the question – can crested geckos eat waxworms?

Here’s everything you need to know about feeding waxworms to crested geckos.

Can Crested Geckos Eat Waxworm?

Yes, crested geckos can eat waxworms.

Waxworms are part of a crested gecko’s diet and can be fed to your pet a few times a week. Packed with lots of protein and fat.

They are great for baby, juvenile, and adult crested geckos.

Nutritional Value of Waxworms

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Are Waxworms Good For Crested Geckos?

Yes, waxworms are good for crested geckos.

The wax moth is a subspecies of the common clothes moth. The larvae of this moth are the most common food of geckos.

Waxworms are very nutritious for your crested gecko.

These worms are high in fat and protein making them great for growing and adult crested geckos.

Despite being high in protein and fat, they are not a complete diet for a crested gecko.

You should also provide your gecko with vitamin and mineral-rich foods.

Are Waxworms Safe To Eaten By Crested Geckos?

Yes, waxworms are safe to be eaten by crested geckos.

Waxworms don’t contain toxins that will harm your pet.

Waxworms also don’t have a hard exoskeleton to cause impaction when ingested.

2 Ways on How To Feed Waxworms To Your Crested Gecko

There are two ways to feed waxworms to your crested gecko:

  1. Blending them into a paste or puree.
  2. Feeding them whole to your crestie.

Tip: If you decide to blend them into a paste. You can mix in other food to give it a more balanced diet. If you prefer to feed them whole, covering them with powered supplements will make the meal nutritionally loaded. 

How Many Waxworms Can You Feed To Your Crested Gecko?

5-10 waxworms a week for hatchlings, up to 50 waxworms a week for juveniles, and 50-100 every week or two for adult crested geckos.

Keep in mind that the number of worms you can feed per week depends on the age and size of your pet.

It’s also highly recommended that you blend waxworms before feeding them to hatchlings.


What Size Waxworms Can You Feed To Your Crested Gecko?

Waxworms that are 2 inches or less should be fed to your crested gecko.

Insects equal to or smaller than a crested gecko’s head can be fed to your pet. 

How Often Can You Feed Waxworms To Your Crested Gecko?

Waxworms can be fed to your crested gecko 3-5 times a week. The frequency with which you feed your gecko waxworms depends on their age.

You can feed juveniles and adults more times in a week than hatchlings. 

Can Hatchlings And Juvenile Crested Geckos Eat Waxworms?

Yes, hatchlings and juvenile crested geckos can eat waxworms. They are a complete and nutritious diet for your gecko.

Blending waxworms into a paste or puree should be done before being fed to hatchlings.

You can easily find waxworms at a pet store or you can breed your own worms at home.


In conclusion not only are crested geckos able to eat waxworms. They are a common and nutritious insect diet for your crested gecko.

Waxworms are high in protein, and fat and are easy to find at a pet store or online.

Make sure to blend them before feeding them to your hatchling crested gecko. 

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