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Crested Gecko Sexing Guide 101: How To Sex a Crested Gecko 2023

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While it may not seem significant at first, sexing your pet crested gecko is actually important from the point of view of not just breeding but also potential cohabitation and dietary requirements.

Plus, isn’t it actually interesting to know what sex your pet crested gecko is?

Here, we look at how to sex your crested gecko and why.

Why Sex Your Crested Gecko?

Sexing your crested gecko will play an important role in your plan ahead as a pet owner in terms of breeding, cohabitation, and diet of your pet crested gecko.

While most other fundamental needs of crested geckos are pretty much the same regardless of their sex, things like whether or not you should let your crested geckos cohabitate will depend heavily on their sex.

Reason 1 – Breeding

If you want to venture into the arena of breeding your crested geckos, the first and foremost thing you will need to know is the sex of your crested geckos.

You will, by default, need one of your crested geckos to be a female, while the other, be a male. And the only way of knowing which one is which, will be by knowing how to sex your crested geckos.

Reason 2 – Cohabitation

Some pet owners of reptiles, especially species like the crested gecko, are interested in letting their pets cohabitate. If you happen to be one of those, then it is pertinent for you to know the sex of your crested geckos.

You can never house two male crested geckos in the same enclosure. It will always lead to fights over territory and resources. Both of your crested geckos will end up harming and injuring each other.

On the other hand, you can easily house two or more female crested geckos in a single enclosure, provided that the enclosure is big enough for all the crested geckos to have their own spots for warming up, cooling down, eating, drinking water, etc.

You can house a male and a female crested gecko, but you will need to monitor them consistently and regularly.

It is obvious that in such a pairing, mating will become a regular activity. But you will need to ensure that the male crested gecko does not bully the female crested gecko or show physical aggression towards her.

So, cohabitation needs a lot of planning and monitoring. And the first step in it is to know the sex of your crested geckos.

Reason 3 – Diet Planning

Your female crested gecko will need a diet that is denser in nutrients, especially calcium. Female crested geckos lay eggs with or without mating.

It is a part of their normal bodily cycles. The eggs laid without mating are naturally infertile. Nevertheless, it takes a toll on the calcium reserves in the body of the female crested gecko.

This makes female crested geckos more prone to developing fatal illnesses like metabolic bone disorder.

Knowing the sex of your crested gecko will therefore allow you to make more informed choices about the diet of your pet.

4 Ways of Sexing Adult Crested Geckos

The first and foremost thing you need to do before sexing your crested gecko is to wait until the right age.

While you can differentiate between the two sexes of crested geckos as early as 4 months of age, you should hold off the sexing process until your crested gecko is at least 6 to 9 months old.

This is because regardless of the method you use to sex your crested gecko, it will require you to handle your pet.

And it is highly recommended that you do not handle your pet until it is at least 6 months of age – younger crested geckos tend to be more skittish and physically weaker. So, when held, they may suddenly jump off your hand and injure themselves by landing improperly on a hard surface.

That being out of the way, there are 4 ways of sexing adult crested geckos:

Identifying the hemipenal bulges.

This is the easiest way of sexing your crested gecko – and it requires the least handling.

All you have to do is either hold your crested gecko a little above your head or place it in a clear and transparent bowl or container. Then, with a torch, visually inspect the region near its vent and at the base of its tail.

If your crested gecko has bulges in that region, then it is a male crested gecko. Those bulges are the bubble-shaped cloaca in which the male crested geckos keep their two hemipenes stored until it is time to mate.

If there is no hemipenal or bubble-shaped bulge near the vent, your crested gecko is very likely a female.

crested gecko hemipenes
Crested gecko hemipenes

Identifying the pre-anal pores.

This is another way of identifying the sex of your crested gecko. In a fashion similar to the one mentioned above, you will need to either hold your crested gecko high up or place it in a clean and transparent bowl or container.

Carefully observe the region just above your crested gecko’s vent, between its legs. If you notice a small, horizontal line of pores that are barely visible, your crested gecko is a male.

These pores will allow your crested gecko to secrete pheromones to attract female crested geckos when it is time to mate.

If, on the other hand, there is no such line of pores visible, your crested gecko is a female.

crested gecko pre anal pores
Pre anal pores

Size of the body and the head.

This is more of a confirmatory process than an actual standalone way of sexing your crested gecko. If, by using the two aforementioned ways, you have clarity about the sex of your crested gecko, then inspecting the general size of the body and head of your pet will allow you to confirm your findings.

As is the case with most animals, the male crested gecko will be larger and broader in size when compared to a female crested gecko.

Talk to a vet with expertise in crested geckos.

When all else fails and you are still unsure or unsatisfied with your findings, you should turn to a professional with experience. Talk to the vet of your crested gecko and they will be able to find out the sex of your pet for you.

Talk to a vet

They won’t exactly use any different methods – they will just have a keener eye and all the necessary tools required for hassle-free sexing of your crested gecko.

Is Crested Gecko Gender Temperature-Dependent?

No, the gender of a crested gecko is not temperature-dependent.

A common misconception that floats around a lot is that if you incubate the eggs of a crested gecko at a higher temperature, you will get more males as opposed to females at lower temperatures.

That is untrue. The temperature of the incubator is important for the health of your crested gecko eggs – but they do not determine the gender of the hatchlings.

So, never increase or decrease the temperature of your crested gecko’s incubator beyond the thresholds. The ideal temperature for the incubator is between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can a Crested Gecko Change Its Gender?

No, a crested gecko cannot change its gender. The gender of a crested gecko, much like the gender of most animals, is determined at birth and remains the same for the rest of its life.

What can cause confusion, however, is sexing a crested gecko when it is still very young. Some breeders and sellers may make false claims about selling male or female crested gecko hatchlings or babies.

You should not fall for those claims because the sex of a crested gecko can only be confirmed after your crested gecko reaches an age of 9 or 10 months.

So, if you bought a female baby crested gecko, but are now realizing that your crested gecko is actually a male – your pet hasn’t changed its gender. It was never a female crested gecko, to begin with.

How to sex a crested gecko


How Old Does My Crested Gecko Need To Be?

In order for you to sex your crested gecko accurately, your pet needs to be at least 9 to 10 months old.

What Size Can You Sex A Crested Gecko?

You can sex a crested gecko when it is roughly 6 to 9 inches in size and weighs somewhere between 16 and 35 grams.


Sexing your crested gecko has numerous benefits in terms of cohabitation, breeding, and diet planning. Knowing how and when to sex your crested gecko will help you know the gender of your pet accurately.

Do not fall for false claims of the sex of crested geckos by breeders or sellers who claim to sell baby female or baby male crested geckos.

The sex of a crested gecko can only be accurately identified when it is around 9 months of age, 6 to 9 inches in size, and somewhere between 16 to 35 grams in weight.

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