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Can Crested Geckos Eat Baby Food Or Not?

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Can crested geckos eat baby food? Baby food is one of the many human foods that a gecko can eat. But, should you feed baby food to crested geckos?

Are there any nutritional benefits of adding it to its diet? Most human foods are not great for geckos and that includes baby food. Here’s why.

Can Crested Geckos Eat Baby Food?

Yes, crested geckos can eat baby food. It’s processed food and shouldn’t make up most of a crested gecko’s diet.

Are Baby Foods Safe or Toxic To Crested Geckos?

Baby foods are safe for crested geckos. However, when fed often, baby food quickly becomes toxic. Processed foods cause diabetes, high blood pressure, and weight gain.

Although it won’t kill your crested gecko outright. It will slowly do so over time if it isn’t removed from its diet.

Why Feeding Baby Food To Crested Gecko Isn’t A Good Idea?

Here are two reasons why baby food isn’t good for crested geckos:


Baby food is processed food that’s made up of almost sugars, vegetable oil, and additives. It contains few nutrients, vitamins, or minerals. In other words, it has little nutritional value.

Your crested gecko will lack a lot of essential nutrients when fed baby food often. This will stunt growth and weaken its immunity system.

Baby food is popular because it’s easy to make, unlike natural foods that require preparation.

Health Problems

Aside from malnutrition, your pet crested gecko might develop health problems. Baby food spikes up blood sugar to ridiculously high levels.

If levels are always high it will lead to diabetes, high blood sugar levels, and weight gain. Moreover, because your crestie is not getting the necessary nutrients.

It’s more susceptible to diseases and illnesses such as metabolic bone disease or floppy tail syndrome. Processed foods especially those with high sugar content result in health problems if consumed often.

Best Alternatives To Baby Food




Mealworms are rich in protein and fats making them the best for baby and juvenile crested geckos. They are easy to obtain and can be bought in large quantities.

Mealworms can be fed live, dead, or blended into a paste/puree.

Calci Worms

Calci worms are the best source of calcium and should be in every crested gecko’s diet. Also known as the black soldier fly larvae or phoenix worms.

Feeding calci worms to your pet crested gecko prevent metabolic bone disease. Once a crested gecko develops metabolic bone disease and it’s not treated.

It will become fatal and kill your pet crested gecko. To prevent such a thing from happening. Calcium should be regularly included in the diet. A large amount can be obtained from calci worms.


Crickets are the second most popular feeder insects given to crested geckos. They are rich in proteins, fats, and carbohydrates which help promote healthy growth in a crested gecko. Crickets can be fed live, dead, canned, dried, or blended into a puree.

If feeding crickets live, we recommend dusting them with powdered supplements to boost their nutritional value. Also, not so many crickets should be fed at once.

Too many crickets will attack and bite your crested geckos. 3-5 crickets are the recommended amount in a feeding. 


Waxworms or the larvae of the wax moth are nutritious larvae that can be fed to crested geckos. Waxworms are rich in protein, fats, and carbohydrates.

They are excellent feed for baby and juvenile crested geckos because of the large number of proteins. Waxworms don’t contain toxins that could be harmful to your crested gecko.

They are readily available and can be fed live, dead, or blended into a paste.



sliced guava

Guava is a juicy fruit that can be fed to crested geckos. It’s found in their natural habitat and isn’t dangerous to their health.

Guava can be fed to geckos by slicing it into small pieces and blending it into a paste/puree or fruit mix.


Perhaps one of the healthiest fruits that can be served to crested geckos. Papaya, especially overripe papaya, is not only juicy but contains a lot of nutrients.

We recommend getting rid of the seeds and serving papaya as a paste or puree.


Mangoes are one of the best fruits to give your crested gecko. We recommend overripe mangoes since they are tasty and juicy.

Moreover, geckos prefer overripe fruits. Mangoes have a sweet taste so they can be served either alone or with other fruits. Make sure to cut the mango into small pieces or blend it into a paste/juice.



kale and blended kale

Is your crested gecko lacking calcium? Kale is one of the few vegetables that contain a lot of calcium. Although crested geckos don’t enjoy the taste of kale.

They will still eat if mixed with fruits or insects. We highly recommend kale if looking to boost your gecko’s calcium intake.


Broccoli is known as a super vegetable because of the sheer amount of nutrients and vitamins it contains. Adding this vegetable to your crested gecko’s diet is the best thing you can do for it.


Dandelions are packed with a lot of vitamins and nutrients that promote healthy growth and prevent nutrient deficiency diseases in your gecko.

Their nutritional content makes dandelion suitable for young and old crested geckos.


Although crested geckos can eat baby food. It’s one of the worst foods to be given to them. It’s processed and contains little no nutritional value.

Adding baby food to your crested gecko’s diet will result in weight gain, diabetes, and malnutrition. Even baby food isn’t great for babies.

Insects, fruits, and vegetables are the best foods for crested geckos. These foods contain enough nutrients to promote healthy growth in crested geckos.

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