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5 Reasons Why Is Your Crested Gecko Staring At You

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by The Pet Engineers


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You must have encountered scenes where you are sitting and minding your own business and you suddenly notice your crested gecko staring at you.

You may break the gaze and continue to do your work, hoping your crested gecko will look away after some time. But when you check sometime later, your crested gecko may still be staring at you.

Does it need food? Is it happy? Or sad? Is it feeling unwell? Why is your crested gecko staring at you so intently?

It is normal to be curious about the behavior of your pet crested gecko, especially if you are new to being an owner of a crested gecko.

Rest assured that more often than not, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to your crested gecko’s tendency to stare at you.

Read along as we figure out what could be some possible reasons behind that intent stare from your reptile.

5 Reasons Why It Stares

There are several reasons why your crested gecko may stare at you from time to time. Here are 5 most common reasons:

Reason 1 – Your Crested Gecko Is Actually Sleeping

If it is daytime and you observe your crested gecko having eyes wide open, looking at you or in one particular direction, chances are that it is simply sleeping or resting its eyes.

Crested geckos do not have eyelids. So, they don’t essentially have a way to close their eyes. That is why, even when they are asleep, their eyes remain open.

The crested geckos regulate the amount of light entering their eye by contracting or expanding their pupils.

Moreover, when a crested gecko is relaxed and resting, it tends to change color and become slightly paler than its original color.

So, if you notice your crested gecko staring at you in the daytime, then look closely. Observe the pupils and the color of your crested gecko.

If the pupils have been constricted to a slit and if its color is slightly paler than its original shade, then chances are your crested gecko is not staring at you or anyone or anything. It is simply sleeping. Let it rest.

Crested geckos sleep with their eyes open

Reason 2 – Your Crested Gecko Is Hungry

When you feed your crested gecko and take care of its diet and surroundings, your crested gecko starts associating you with food and safe shelter.

For the same reason, when it is approximately close to the feeding time of your crested gecko, it may stare at you expecting its much-anticipated meal to arrive.

Reason 3 – It Is A Normal Behavior & An Instinct From The Wild

In the wild, the crested gecko has to always be on alert – especially during the nighttime. This is because, during the night, the crested gecko goes out in search of food.

And during that time, it is at risk of being predated upon. So, even your crested gecko in captivity may be exhibiting these traits or instincts from the wild.

Especially when you approach your crested gecko’s enclosure at night, you may find it staring at you. This is just its instinct from the wilderness to be on the lookout always.

As time passes and your crested gecko starts getting used to your presence, it may stare at you for completely different reasons like for food or treats.

crested gecko
Crested geckos stare by nature

Reason 4 – Your Crested Gecko Is Simply Curious

Much like how a human baby stares at all the new humans it meets, a new crested gecko may also spend a lot of its initial time in its new home staring at you.

It is simply out of curiosity. Your crested gecko is simply trying to understand your body language and identify who you are.

This kind of staring will eventually reduce as your crested gecko gets more and more familiar and comfortable with your presence.

Reason 5 – Your Crested Gecko Notices Sudden Movement

Even we humans have the tendency to look when we notice a sudden movement. This same tendency is a little more intense in crested geckos, as they are naturally wired to look out for predators and prey.

So, if you are moving around quite a bit in the room, it is normal for your crested gecko to stare in your direction.

There is nothing to worry about in this case either, as this is perfectly normal for a crested gecko.

Do Crested Geckos Like Attention?

No, crested geckos do not like a lot of attention. They are primarily solitary creatures.

They only ever meet other crested geckos when either they want to mate or when they accidentally cross each other’s paths in the wild. Otherwise, they prefer to live in isolation.

Even as pets, crested geckos do not as much get attached to their owners as cats and dogs do, as they simply get accustomed to the presence of the owner by associating you with food and safety.

In fact, it is also recommended to go very slow when bonding with your new crested gecko as smothering them will stress them out and potentially harm their health.

Do Crested Geckos Recognize Their Owners?

Yes, crested geckos do recognize their owners. Now, unlike cats and dogs, they won’t show you any cues of being attached to you.

Your crested gecko will not wag its tail excitedly every time you enter the room – nor will it cuddle up to you when you are feeling down.

But that does not mean that your crested gecko is indifferent to your presence.

Over time, your crested gecko will be able to associate your presence with positive emotions such as pleasure and safety because it will associate you with food and shelter.

Your crested gecko will mostly recognize you by your scent, but it will also learn, over time, to recognize you by your voice.

Your crested gecko may not always respond to your calls, but it will still recognize from the voice that it is you and it won’t feel threatened or run away.

Always ensure that when you are talking to your crested gecko, you do so in a pleasant tone. Loud noises frighten crested geckos, and they are easy to startle.

Even though it may not look like it because crested geckos do not really respond to voices, they still have a great sense of hearing – in fact, they can even sense vibrations!


When you land in a curious situation where your crested gecko seems to be staring at you constantly, you can either simply ignore, or play along and talk to your crested gecko in a pleasant tone.

Staring is highly unlikely to indicate any underlying problem as such, and crested geckos have many different body languages and vocalizations to express when they are in distress.

Staring is not one of those ways. Sometimes staring is out of sheer curiosity and sometimes it is simple wilderness instinct. Other times, your crested gecko may simply be hungry.

All in all, your crested gecko has several reasons why it stares at you, but none of those reasons are a cause for worry.

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