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2 Reasons Why Is My Crested Gecko Chirping?

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by The Pet Engineers


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Crested geckos are one of the most popular pets – and one reason behind their popularity is their range of vocalization.

While crested geckos are not like other pets, like cats and dogs who love to play fetch and cuddle with you, the one thing crested geckos excel at is making a variety of sounds.

Why is my crested gecko chirping?

From chirping to squeaking to barking – there are numerous ways in which a crested gecko vocalizes its emotions such as happiness, fear, and anger.

If your crested gecko is incessantly chirpy, then chances are, it is trying to communicate with you about its happiness, fear, or stress.

What Is A Chirping Sound?

The dictionary definition of a chirping sound is a short and high-pitched noise. You may recognize it as the sound made by insects like crickets or even some smaller birds like sparrows.

It is very similar to a squeak, with the only difference being that a squeak is usually a longer sound. A chirp, on the other hand, is a short, crisp sound made at a higher pitch.

And yes, your very own pet crested gecko is capable of making this chirping sound too!

crested gecko
Crested geckos make several sounds

What Does It Mean When A Crested Gecko Makes A Chirping Sound?

The chirping sound is a bit of a tricky nut to crack when it comes to crested geckos because it usually can stand to mean one of two completely opposite things – happiness or fear.

This is to say that a crested gecko may chirp when it is happy and carefree, but it may also chirp as an indication of stress or fear.

So, the key here is to observe the body language associated with your crested gecko’s chirping.

Chirping As A Means Of Expressing Joy

When your crested gecko is chirping or squeaking, and you notice that its body language is relaxed, then it simply means that your crested gecko is using its skills of vocalization to express its pleasure.

This is a sign for you to pat your back because this means you have successfully been able to bring comfort to your pet.

Sometimes, you may notice your crested gecko jumping around in the foliage of its enclosure while making these chirping sounds.

This is an indication that your crested gecko is in a playful mood and is feeling very joyous and carefree.

Chirping As A Means Of Expressing Fear Or Stress

Sometimes, when your crested gecko feels scared, threatened, or stressed, it may chirp to communicate its feelings with you. This may happen for several reasons.

If you suddenly try to pick your gecko up, it may get startled and make a chirping sound. This happens because crested geckos are always on alert and easily startled.

This is an instinct from the wild where they always have to be on the lookout for predators that may suddenly pounce on them.

This is why it is advisable that you don’t directly lift your crested gecko. Instead, place your hand in the enclosure and let it climb of its own accord.

If you have cohabitated 2 or more crested geckos in a single enclosure, one of the more anti-social ones may get stressed and chirp to express its discomfort with this shared setting.

In such a case, if your crested gecko seems to be very stressed out by cohabitation.

You should arrange a separate enclosure for it – this is important because sometimes the crested geckos may start having health problems if their stressors are not taken care of.

crested gecko dropped tail
Your crestie can drop its tail if it’s stressed

How Noisy Are Crested Geckos?

Crested geckos are very noisy and vocal – and what’s more, they are nocturnal.

So, there is a very good chance of you having your sleep interrupted at night because your crested gecko might chirp, bark, or squeak while running around the foliage in its enclosure.

Crested geckos are creatures that prefer isolation – but that does not exactly mean that they are quiet animals.

They have a wide range of vocalizations, with each different sound expressing a different meaning.

From mating calls to barking in anger, from squeaking in fear to chirping in joy – your crested gecko may turn out to be very noisy sometimes.

Is Your Crested Gecko Making Noises Because It’s Sick?

Yes, your crested gecko may make noises during its sickness – but vocalizations are not an accurate or reliable symptom of sickness in crested geckos.

A crested gecko makes barking, squeaking, or clicking noises when it is feeling uncomfortable.

Sometimes, this discomfort of your crested gecko may be connected to some underlying health condition – but more often than not, this discomfort is more about some external stressor such as cohabitation, environment, temperature, humidity, etc., than about any underlying medical problems.

So, when you observe your crested gecko making a barking or clicking sound, this is simply an indication that there is something that is making your pet uncomfortable.

As for what is the root cause behind the discomfort, you will have to observe for any other symptoms or signs. If your crested gecko is showing other signs as well, such as:

  • Loss of appetite;
  • Being underweight or overweight;
  • Lethargy;
  • Weakness, etc.;

These symptoms along with the clicking or barking sounds may then be indicative of the fact that your crested gecko is suffering from health problems.

In such a case, it is advisable to consult a vet to help your crested gecko get the right treatment in a timely manner.

Crested Gecko with Metabolic Bone Disorder
Your crestie might be sick

What Other Sounds Do Crested Geckos Make?

There are several more sounds other than chirping that come in the range of vocalizations of your crested gecko.

Your pet may bark when it wants to threaten another male gecko and claim its territory.

It may make a certain clicking sound when it wants to express its stress or discomfort due to being handled for an extended period of time.

Your crested gecko may even make a squeaking sound when it wants to approach a mate during the breeding period.

In the wild, or sometimes even during cohabitation, crested geckos may whistle to communicate with each other.

In the wild, this is usually to warn other crested geckos of any incoming predator or threat. In captivity, however, it may be to communicate about food being provided.


Crested geckos are known to be one of the noisiest reptiles to have as pets – however, this just means that they have a wide range of vocalization; their volumes as such are not very high.

When it comes to chirping in particular, it could be a signal of your crested gecko’s fear, stress, or joy.

You need to be able to understand your crested gecko’s body language to discern which of its emotions is your pet trying to express.

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