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5 Most Expensive Crested Gecko Morphs in 2023

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by The Pet Engineers


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Crested geckos are very hardy and relatively easy to take care of, which makes them very beginner-friendly.

Moreover, a pet crested gecko can live for 10 to 20 years comfortably if proper care is taken. But those are not the only reasons behind the growing popularity of crested geckos as pets.

One more reason that makes crested geckos very exciting to have as pets is the different varieties of colors and patterns that are available – these colors and patterns are called morphs.

There are a lot of morphs of crested geckos available in the market.

And the exciting part is that two crested geckos with different morphs can have a baby crested gecko with a morph that is completely different from that of its parent geckos.

Here are the most expensive crested gecko morphs.

What Is The Most Rare Crested Gecko?

The rarest possible crested gecko is the “moonglow” morph – as a matter of fact, it is so rare that there is a controversial debate among breeders and crested gecko enthusiasts about the very existence or possibility of breeding this morph.

A moonglow morph refers to a crested gecko that is completely white.

Moonglow morph

The reason why there is an ongoing controversial debate about the possibility of having a moonglow morph is that no breeder has been able to produce a crested gecko with a morph that is a solid white even when the crested gecko is both fired up and fired down.

A moonglow crested gecko changes its color or shade when it is either fired up or down.

List Of The Most Expensive Crested Geckos

There are a lot of morphs of crested geckos available in the market. The variety is huge and quite a lot of the commonly available crested gecko morphs are very reasonable.

However, if you want some unique and designer morphs, it may cost you more.

With the different kinds of morphs of crested geckos that are available in the market, here is a list of the morphs of crested geckos that are the most expensive:

Morph 1 – The Cream-on-Cream Crested Gecko

Cream on cream crested geckos
Cream on cream crested geckos

Price Range: $630 to $1200

Unlike the moonglow morph, there is no controversy on the existence of the cream-on-cream morph. It has been produced and it does exist.

However, after the moonglow, the cream-on-cream morph is the rarest possible morph of crested geckos. And that makes it all the more expensive when compared to the other morphs.

This morph is one in which the body of the crested gecko is major of a solid cream color and the crested gecko has slightly darker cream-colored bands on its body.

Morph 2 – The Red Harlequin Pinstripe Crested Gecko

Red harlequin crested gecko
Red harlequin crested gecko

Price Range: $500 to $1500

As exotic as it sounds, the red harlequin pinstripe crested gecko is currently highly sought after by many crested gecko enthusiasts.

It is a vibrant morph with a dual color combination of cream and red in gradient shades.

This is a very new morph that has only recently been produced and so the pinstripes are still perfected at 90% – the breeders are still trying to perfect getting a 100% pinstripe pattern.

Regardless, even at the current stage, the red harlequin pinstripe crested gecko is very much in demand by crested gecko enthusiasts.

It is a very rare morph and only a few crested geckos with this have yet been produced. The rarity and the high demand make the red harlequin pinstripe crested gecko one of the most expensive ones available in the market.

Morph 3 – The Dark Fire Morph Crested Gecko

Dark fire crested gecko
Dark fire crested gecko

Price Range: $800 to $1600

The dark fire morph of a crested gecko is a visual treat for all crested gecko enthusiasts. This particular crested gecko has a very dark solid color on the body and when it gets fired up.

It gets cream-colored stripes or flame patterns on its body. This creates a very high contrast of dark solid color and light cream color.

This pretty aesthetic is one of the reasons why a crested gecko with a dark fire morph is very much in demand. The high demand makes the dark fire morph in crested geckos very expensive.

Morph 4 – The Lavender Morph Crested Gecko

Lavender crested gecko
Lavender crested gecko

Price Range: $1200 to $2000

A lavender crested gecko is another rare morph available in the market. It is pale grey or cream in color when it is fired down. The solid color of the body is usually muted down a shade.

When the crested gecko is fired up, however, the color of its body becomes slightly purple. What makes it rare is the fact that usually when a crested gecko gets fired up, it becomes darker in shade.

However, the lavender morph crested gecko becomes a lighter shade of color even when it is fired up.

Morph 5 – The Moonglow Morph Crested Gecko

Moonglow crested gecko
Moonglow crested gecko

Price Range: $1700 to $2700

Now, even though there is a controversy revolving around the moonglow morph of crested geckos, there are some breeders that put up solid white crested geckos for sale and some enthusiasts do go for it.

Despite the change in color when it is fired up, the crested gecko still has a solid white color – and that, in itself, is very rare to breed and produce.

Thus, despite the controversies, the solid white color of the crested gecko still makes the moonglow morph a very expensive crested gecko to have.


Breeders of crested geckos are always experimenting to produce new morphs – colors and patterns.

However, breeding particularly customization of crested geckos is difficult because you cannot predict the colors or patterns that will be produced.

You may breed a dark fire morph crested gecko with a lavender morph crested gecko predicting some fired up lavender stripes on a dark red solid color.

But you may end up with a completely different crested gecko that does not look anything like its parent geckos – either in the fired up or fired down state, or both.

This breeding makes crested geckos even more exciting to have as pets. But this may sometimes even make unique designer crested geckos a very expensive pet to have.

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