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Keeping 1 vs Multiple Crested Geckos: A good Idea To Do?

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by The Pet Engineers


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When it comes to the cohabitation of any kind of reptile, you should only go for it if you have enough experience in taking care of a single reptile.

Cohabitation can often become a little tricky, especially for beginner pet owners. That being said, cohabitation is not impossible either.

With a little knowledge and preparation, you can keep multiple reptiles together. The same holds true for crested geckos too.

Key Takeaway:
It’s not recommended to keep or cohabitate with several crested geckos in the same enclosure.

However, if you are adamant about doing so it’s best to keep a male and female pair of crested geckos.

What Works When Keeping Crested Geckos in Pairs?

When it comes to keeping crested geckos in pairs, there are some pairs that are manageable, and some pairs that should never be kept together.

Pairs That Can Work Out For Cohabitation Of Crested Geckos

The pairs of crested geckos that can be kept together safely are listed below:

1 – A male and a female crested gecko

This pair of crested geckos are usually kept when you want to become a breeder.

When you keep a male and a female crested gecko together, you need to be prepared to handle the eggs.

Moreover, you need to ensure that the male crested gecko does not bully the female crested gecko.

But more often than not, this pairing works out well in terms of maintenance and safety.

two crested gecko morphs
Two crested gecko being kept together

2 – Two female crested geckos

Another pair that works out well in cohabitation is that of two female crested geckos.

Just ensure that both the female crested geckos get ample water, food, and space for enrichment.

As long as they don’t have to compete over resources, they should be fairly easy to maintain and take care of.

3 – Two baby crested geckos

The easiest pair of crested geckos to keep together is a pair of two baby crested geckos.

They are easy to take care of in terms of resources – they don’t compete aggressively. Moreover, with baby crested geckos, there are fewer territorial fights.

Pairs That Never Work Out For Cohabitation Of Crested Geckos

There are 2 types of pairs of crested geckos that should never be housed together.

1 – Two male crested geckos

Always avoid keeping two male crested geckos together. Male crested geckos are aggressive, territorial, and very competitive about resources.

When you house two male crested geckos together, it will lead to fights that can lead to injuries to both the crested geckos.

2 – A male crested gecko and a baby crested gecko

A male crested gecko will bully the baby crested gecko. This bullying will be seen in the form of aggression, fights, attacks, and even hogging of all resources by the male crested gecko.

So, you should never house a baby crested gecko with a male crested gecko in the same cage.

The Right Tank Sizes For Multiple Crested Geckos

When you bring home a single crested gecko, you only need a 10-gallon tank. But if you plan on the cohabitation of a pair of crested geckos, you need a bigger tank. A bigger tank is needed to:

  • Ensure that the two crested geckos do not compete over resources
  • Ensure that both the crested geckos get ample space for playing, hiding, and relaxing in solitude
  • Reduce the chances of inter-gecko scuffles and hence reduces the risks of injuries

As a general thumb rule, you need a 25 to 30-gallon tank for a pair of crested geckos and should add 5 gallons for every new crested gecko you wish to put into cohabitation.

So, if you have 2 crested geckos in a 30-gallon tank and you wish to get another crested gecko home in the same tank.

You will need a bigger tank with a capacity of at least 35 gallons.

Advantages of Keeping Crested Geckos in Pairs or Larger Groups

The only advantage that you will get in the cohabitation of crested geckos in pairs or larger groups is that you won’t need multiple accessories for multiple tanks.

And your big terrarium will mimic a natural rainforest habitat with several crested geckos instead of just one.

two baby crested geckos
You can get away with cohabitating multiple crested geckos

Disadvantages of Keeping Crested Geckos in Pairs or Larger Groups

There are a few disadvantages of keeping crested geckos in pairs or larger groups:

1 – Tricky feeding

It may become trickier for you to feed the crested geckos because they might compete over food and the more aggressive one will hog all the food while the submissive one goes hungry.

2 – Stress for crested geckos

Crested geckos are not communal animals. They are solitary and prefer to live alone most of their lives.

The only time you’ll see a pair of crested geckos in the wild is during their mating season.

Otherwise, every crested gecko prefers to lead a solitary life.

So, forced cohabitation may stress the crested geckos out, and the weaker ones among the lot may even drop their tails out of stress.

3 – Increased risk of injuries and health problems

Inter-gecko fights become a real possibility that you need to prepare yourself for when you keep two or more crested geckos in a single enclosure.

So, the risk of either of the crested geckos getting injured or sick due to stress becomes higher as compared to a single crested gecko in a tank.

5 Ways How to Successfully Keep Crested Geckos in Pairs

If you are really keen on keeping crested geckos in pairs, there are some pointers that you need to keep in mind:

1 – Have a spacious tank.

The first thing that you need to ensure is to have a tank that is spacious enough for both crested geckos.

This will reduce the frequency of them meeting each other or crossing each other’s paths. And in turn, it will reduce the risk of fights, injuries, and stress.

crested gecko enclosure
You need a big enclosure to house multiple crested geckos

2 – Have opposite feeding spots.

Do not feed both the crested geckos at the same spot. It can lead to fights between them.

Instead, feed each of the crested geckos at the opposite end of the tank.

3 – Provide a lot of foliage, branches, and plant decorations.

Most crested geckos prefer spending their time in the branches rather than on the ground.

If you don’t have ample branches and foliage inside the tank, it can again lead to competition and fights between the two arboreal geckos about who gets to be on the branch.

4 – Do not force the two crested geckos to confront each other.

As a pet owner, you may be tempted to see both of your crested geckos get along as friends.

But that never happens – or, if it does happen, it is a rare case where a natural bond may form between the two.

So, if you try to force them to confront each other and be in each other’s vicinity, it will lead to more fights.

5 – Have ample hiding spots for both of the crested geckos.

Giving ample hiding spots to both the crested geckos will ensure that both of them get enough personal space.

This will reduce their stress and make it easier for them to cohabitate with each other.

Do Crested Geckos Get Lonely?

No, crested geckos do not get lonely. In fact, crested geckos prefer being alone.

They are solitary creatures and they love being on their own.

They may get used to being handled by their owners, but they are not very social with other crested geckos.

So, if you are planning to keep a pair of crested geckos together in the hopes of not letting them get lonely, you may be a little mistaken here.

Do not cohabitate two crested geckos together because of the fear of your crested gecko becoming lonely – your crested gecko is having a great time living alone.

Only look into the cohabitation of crested geckos together if you want to have multiple geckos in a single cage and are prepared to go the extra mile in caring for all of them.

Use Your Own Judgment About Keeping Crested Geckos in Pairs

Cohabitation is not natural for crested geckos. They do not live together in the wild.

So, in captivity, when you keep two or more crested geckos together in the same enclosure, it is something foreign and uncomfortable for them.

Keeping this in mind, you should use your best judgment about whether or not your crested gecko will fair well in a cohabitating environment.

Some crested geckos are a little more social than others. If your crested gecko is the social kind, then it may be able to adjust to a cohabitating environment.

If your crested gecko is not very social, a cohabitating environment will not work out well for it. It may get so stressed that it drops its tail.

So, even though, for example, it is said that two female crested geckos can be kept together, you need to use your best judgment there.

You know your pet crested gecko better than anyone else. And so, your decisions should be in the best interest of your pet.

fired up crested gecko
Increased chances of firing up when living with multiple crested geckos

Risks of Housing Multiple Crested Geckos Together

There are several risks involved in housing multiple crested geckos together. Some of them are listed below:

  1. The risk of injuries due to fights among crested geckos.
  2. The risk of dropping tail because of the stress of cohabitation.
  3. The risk of the weaker and submissive crested gecko being bullied and attacked by the rest of the crested geckos.
  4. The risk of loss of appetite and onset of health problems in crested geckos due to the stress of cohabitation.
  5. The risk of infections due to biting or being bitten by the cohabitating crested gecko.


Can I Keep A Male And Female Crested Gecko Together?

Yes, you can keep a male and a female crested gecko together.

How Many Crested Geckos In 18x18x24?

Only a single adult crested gecko will be comfortable in an 18 X 18 X 24 tank.

Can You Put 2 Female Crested Geckos Together?

Yes, you can put 2 female crested geckos together. But, we recommend not to do so.

Can You Keep Baby Crested Geckos Together?

Yes, you can keep baby crested geckos together.

Is It Better To Keep Crested Geckos In Pairs?

No, it is better to keep adult crested geckos as single individuals in single tanks.

Can You House More Than One Crested Gecko Together?

Yes, but you need to take proper precautions to avoid injuries, stress, and health problems.

How Big Of A Tank Do You Need For 2 Crested Geckos?

For 2 crested geckos, you need a tank with a capacity of 25 to 30 gallons.

Should Geckos Be Kept In Pairs?

No, crested geckos should preferably not be kept in pairs.


The cohabitation of crested geckos together in a single enclosure is an interesting but tricky arrangement. You need to have enough experience in handling a single crested gecko first before you go on to keep multiple crested geckos in a single tank.

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