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Water For Crested Geckos: Do Crested Geckos Need Water?

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Yes, crested geckos, like all animals and living beings, need water for survival.

Crested geckos can go for a whole week without eating but they cannot survive more than 3 days without water.

It is very important for you to maintain a fresh source of drinking water in your crested gecko’s enclosure.

Can Crested Geckos Drink Tap Water?

You can give tap water to your pet crested gecko.

Crested geckos need to be provided with a fresh and clean source of water for drinking.

As long as you ensure that the water tank or supply line that brings water to your taps is clean, you can give tap water to your crested gecko.

There is no need for you to switch to bottled water. Simple tap water is perfectly fine.

If you do want to maintain an additional layer of precautions and safety, you could boil the water first, then let it come to room temperature – and then give it to your crested gecko.

But you don’t need to go boujee with packaged drinking water for your crested gecko. You could save those bucks and get your pet some treats instead!

Can Crested Geckos Drink Rainwater?

How to give crested geckos water

Rainwater is the most natural source of water for crested geckos in the wild.

However, when giving rainwater to your pet crested gecko, you should be very careful about the source you take the water from.

If you have directly harvested rainwater from your rooftop or lawn in a clean tank, and then you give that to your pet crested gecko – it will be okay.

You can give your crested gecko rainwater in that manner.

However, you cannot collect rainwater from lawn puddles or small pools of water forming on your porch or rooftop for your pet crested gecko to drink.

The surface of your porch or rooftop may or may not be contaminated. It could have harmful bacteria, viruses, or parasites that can infect your pet crested gecko.

The same risks are involved in collecting water from puddles in your lawn.

The rainwater you harvest in a clean tank can be given to your pet crested gecko directly.

It is recommended, however, that you boil the water once. Let it come to room temperature. Then, give it to your pet crested gecko.

Can Crested Geckos Eat Water?

By eating water, what’s meant is ice.

Crested geckos cannot eat ice. It is too cold for your crested gecko, and it may make your pet’s tongue go numb for a while.

Moreover, licking ice or coming in contact with it can lead to your crested gecko becoming too cold and getting chills.

Never give ice to crested geckos

You should never put ice cubes inside the enclosure of your crested gecko.

The sudden cold temperature will make your pet feel uncomfortable and could possibly even stress it out.

And it is common knowledge that crested geckos are very sensitive to stress.

It can cause loss of appetite, behavioral issues such as excess aggression, and in the worst case, dropping of the tail.

So, it is better to not add any stressor, including ice, into your pet crested gecko’s enclosure.

Is Water Needed For A Crested Gecko’s Survival?

Yes, water is very important for the survival of your pet crested gecko. A crested gecko can only go up to 3 days without water.

And even in that short period of 3 days, severe dehydration will make your crested gecko fall very sick.

You should provide fresh drinking water to your crested gecko every day. Don’t keep the stagnant water bowl inside the enclosure for more than one day.

The humidity of the enclosure will start causing microbial growth in the stagnant water which will make it unsafe for drinking.

Moreover, your pet crested gecko may also accidentally contaminate the water bowl by either defecating or urinating in it, or by getting some substrate or pieces of food in it.

Thus, it is important to change the water in the water bowl every day.

Is Distilled Water Safe For Crested Geckos?

Yes, distilled water is safe for crested geckos.

Giving distilled water to your pet crested gecko will ensure that all impurities have been removed from it – such as pesticides, chlorine, and other chemicals and traces of heavy metals.

Ideally, distilled and purified water is the best kind of drinking water for your pet crested gecko.

However, you don’t absolutely need distilled water. Boiled and purified tap water will also be fine.

Should You Keep A Water Dish In A Crested Gecko’s Tank?

Yes, you need to keep a water dish in your pet crested gecko’s tank.

There are, however, some pointers that you need to keep in mind regarding the water bowl in your pet crested gecko’s tank:

The depth should not be more than ½ to 1 inch.

crested gecko in a water bowl
Crested geckos love to swim in their water bowls

Your crested gecko is arboreal. It will be jumping around the enclosure. This means it is very likely that your pet crested gecko will fall into its water bowl by accident.

In case of such an event, if the water bowl is just ½ to 1 inch, your pet will be able to swiftly swim outside to safety.

If the water bowl is deeper, it can cause your crested gecko to drown.

The water bowl should be cleaned and water should be replaced every day.

As aforementioned, not only will the humidity of the enclosure impact the purity of the stagnant water, but your crested gecko may also accidentally contaminate the bowl by defecating, urinating, or getting substrate or food pieces in it.

What Water Is Safe For Crested Geckos?

You can give your pet crested gecko water from one or more of the following sources:

  1. Distilled Water
    This is the best kind of water for your crested gecko. Distilled water is free of all impurities. Distillation removes all harmful chemicals such as pesticides, chlorine, disinfectants, and traces of heavy metals.
  2. Packaged or Bottled Water
    Another way of providing safe drinking water to your pet crested gecko is to use reputed brands of packaged and bottled drinking water. This water is free of contaminants and will have several minerals that could benefit your crested gecko’s health.
  3. Boiled and Cooled Tap Water
    If you cannot access or afford distilled or packaged water, you don’t have to worry. Simply boiling and cooling tap water will also make it perfectly safe for your pet crested gecko to consume.

Which Water Is Dangerous To Crested Geckos?

The simplest way to look at it is this: any water that you wouldn’t drink yourself, you shouldn’t give to your pet crested gecko.

Water taken from puddles or pools formed on your lawn, porch, or rooftop is unsafe for your crested gecko.

It will have harmful bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can infect your crested gecko and make it ill.

Water from swimming pools is also very unsafe for your crested gecko – not just to drink but also to be in.

Swimming pools have water that has been chlorinated. The chlorine in this water is toxic for your pet crested gecko.

Flavored and fizzy water is also not suitable for crested geckos.

Moreover, the sugar in flavored water will lead to accelerated growth of bacteria when kept in your crested gecko’s humid enclosure.

So, it is best to avoid flavored or sparkling water.

Ways To Provide Water To Your Crested Gecko

crested gecko drinking from water bowl
Crested gecko drinking from a water bowl

The safest way to provide water to your pet crested gecko is to have a bowl with a ½ or 1-inch depth filled with water kept inside the enclosure.

Make sure to clean the water bowl and replace the water every day.

Avoid having a running source of water such as an artificial waterfall in the enclosure.

In the wild, a crested gecko drinks water from the pools that are formed on the shores of water bodies such as lakes and rivers.

They don’t go very close to the large water bodies. Crested geckos are not intentional swimmers – and will only do so in a life-threatening situation.

A running source of water will stress your crested gecko out and increase the risk of accidental drowning. It is best to simply have a bowl of water kept in the tank.

Why Using A Water Conditioner Is A Good Idea?

A water conditioner instantly removes chlorine, chloramine, and other toxic substances from water.

And it is cheaper than getting bottles of distilled water every time. Using a water conditioner is a great idea if you want to:

  • Save money by opting out of distilled water
  • Ensure an added layer of safety when giving boiled and purified tap water to your pet crested gecko
  • Remove chlorine, chloramine, and other harmful toxins instantly without shelling out a lot of money on the entire distillation process


Water is essential for all animals – and your pet crested gecko is no exception. It is important that you provide a source of fresh drinking water every day to your crested gecko.

Running sources of water such as artificial waterfalls are great too.

If you have shallow water bowls ensure that you clean them and replace the water every day.

Using a water conditioner in boiled and purified tap water will be more cost-effective than getting bottles of distilled water every time.

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