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Do Crested Geckos Like Waterfalls or Not?

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Do crested geckos like waterfalls or not?

Crested Geckos like waterfalls and are naturally adapted to living in a humid rainforest. Crested geckos spend much of their lives soaking up moisture from the surrounding earth.

As you can imagine, a waterfall would be no different for them than any other moist place in their environment.

The main difference is that a waterfall can be a little riskier for them than other things they are used to when it comes to soaking up water

To guarantee that your crested gecko is happy and healthy, the humidity in its habitat must remain between 50 and 60 percent.

A waterfall can be a fantastic accessory, decreasing the need for misting while increasing humidity and providing your crested gecko with a natural water source.

Pros Of Having A Waterfall In A Crested Gecko’s Habitat

It also helps keep up the humidity.

A major reason to have a waterfall in your Crested Gecko’s habitat is that it can help keep up the humidity.

A humid environment will help prevent shedding problems and help them stay healthy overall.

It provides hydration to your crested Gecko.

Waterfalls can be used to provide your crested Gecko with water.

Crested geckos don’t often drink from water dishes and usually only drink out of their natural habitat, so a waterfall is a great way to give them access to clean water.

It gives your crested Gecko new and exciting visuals to look forward

Another reason why you would want to have a waterfall in your crested Gecko’s habitat is that it gives your crested Gecko new and exciting visuals to look forward to.

The waterfall can be used as a natural water source, which they will use when needed.

It is also an element that brings more variety into their environment, giving them something else besides just leaves and rocks (or dirt).

It’s not just another part of the enclosure where they can hide or climb; instead, it acts as something new for them to explore!

The waterfall is more natural than a water dish

If you have a waterfall in your Crested Gecko habitat, it will be more natural than a water dish.

Waterfalls are an excellent source of water for your pet reptiles because they provide the same benefits as what he would receive from drinking from a bowl or other container.

You can also use them to add excitement to his environment by creating different sounds he might like. The best part about having this feature is that it adds another layer of fun for your Gecko!

Exo tikki crested gecko waterfall
Exo tikki crested gecko waterfall

It eliminates the need to add a water dish to the enclosure

If you’re looking for an easy way to provide your Gecko with fresh water, a waterfall is ideal.

No need for a water dish or other equipment—place it in the enclosure and let gravity do its thing.Bottom of Form

Cons Of Having a Waterfall in A Crested Gecko’s Habitat

Requires frequent cleaning

Waterfalls are beautiful, but they also require frequent cleaning.

You can make the waterfall area look nice by adding plants and rocks, but if you want your Gecko to have a fun time in his habitat, you’ll need to keep up with some basic housekeeping tasks like cleaning out the waterfall regularly.

It tends to build up bacteria if not kept clean

  • Bacteria can build up in the water and cause diseases.
  • The cleaner it is, the better your Gecko will be.

Increasing the risk of your gecko drowning

If you’re planning on having a waterfall in your Gecko’s habitat, it is essential to remember that the deeper the water and more area around it, the greater the risk of drowning.

While this doesn’t mean that all crested geckos will drown if they fall into a pool or fountain, it does increase their chances of drowning considerably.

This can be avoided by placing small rocks or pebbles at the bottom of your waterfall so that even if a gecko falls into it (and many do), nothing will happen.

Can cause stress and waterborne diseases due to increased humidity

  • Waterfalls can increase the humidity levels in a crested gecko’s habitat, which can cause stress and waterborne diseases.
  • Increased humidity levels are more likely to lead to illness because they allow bacteria and viruses to breed more quickly.

They clog if not cleaned regularly

You may have noticed that your waterfall has started to accumulate algae and moss, or it may be clogged with debris.

If you try to clean it yourself, this could be difficult because of the size of the enclosure and its slippery surface.

You’d have to tilt it upside down for any debris to fall through, which could cause injury if you’re not careful about how much force you use.

Some crested geckos use waterfalls as toilets, making the dirty waterfall faster.

The poop causes the waterfall to get dirty very quickly and can cause it to clog, which can be a problem for your Gecko if you don’t clean it out regularly.

Things To Consider When Getting a Waterfall for Your Crested Gecko


When deciding on a waterfall for your Crested Gecko, it’s essential to consider how much space your enclosure will take up.

You should also identify what size is best for your cage and how much space you can afford.

If you have room in your home or apartment, opt for one that can fit into an area where visitors won’t notice it.

If there isn’t enough room, consider getting another smaller waterfall that fits inside the existing one with some extra money left over after buying everything else!

Maintenance Costs

You should also know the maintenance costs of keeping your Gecko’s waterfall clean.

Waterfalls can become quite dirty and have bacteria growth, so you’ll need to clean them more frequently than you may have expected.

This can be done by cleaning solutions or running a wide tooth comb through it once every few weeks.

crested gecko
Crested geckos love waterfalls


You should also be aware of the humidity levels inside your home—crested geckos like the humidity of between 50% and 60%.

A low-humidity environment can make it difficult for your lizard to shed its skin correctly and keep itself healthy.

To ensure that you provide your Crested Gecko with an optimal environment, consider adding a timer to turn on the waterfall at certain times (such as before dawn). This will keep it moist without having too much water dripping onto them during those critical shedding periods!


As you explore the world of waterfall pet supplies, it’s essential to keep in mind that some are louder than others. When selecting your waterfall, consider the one you choose carefully, considering noise.

A noisy waterfall can be frustrating for you and your Gecko, but it can also be loud and scary for your reptile pet which may stop them from using the water feature entirely.

Look for a low-noise motor that will provide humidity and hydration to your reptile pet without too much noise!


It is essential to ensure that the water holder does not have a deep base. This can cause your lizard to drown if it falls in or accidentally pours too much water into the container.

Look for a waterfall with a low or sealed water holder to reduce the risk of drowning.

How To Set Up a Waterfall in Your Crested Gecko’s Habitat

To set up a waterfall in your Crested Gecko’s habitat, you will need to follow the following steps:

Step 1: Pick A Spot in Your Crested Gecko’s Tank

It’s essential to pick a spot in your Crested Gecko’s habitat where it will be easy to access and out of the way.

For example, if you place your waterfall on top of an aquarium stand or across from another decoration, ensure that other decorations will not obstruct these items.

If you are placing this waterfall in front of a heat lamp and want it exposed directly to sunlight (which can cause harm), then make sure that there is plenty of room between the waterfall and any lights that may be placed near it.

Step 2: Powering the Waterfall

The next step is to power the waterfall. This can be done by using a small pump that needs to be submerged in water.

Make sure that your water pump can handle the amount of water flowing through it and that you have sufficient space in your tank (especially since you will want to place this device somewhere where there’s plenty of room).

If possible, purchase an automatic timer for these projects; it’s much easier than trying to time when your Gecko happens to wake up and go back down again.

How to set-up a crested gecko waterfall

Step 3: Add Rocks and Plants To Surround The Waterfall

The next step is to add rocks and plants to surround the waterfall. Rocks will create a natural look, while plants will add color and additional humidity.

Ensure the waterfall is not too close to the substrate, or it may cause an imbalance in your Crested Gecko’s habitat.


It is not an easy task to make your crested Gecko happy if you do not maintain the right environment around them.

With the correct temperatures, food, water, and a little fun like a waterfall, a crested Gecko may be just what you want to bring that perfect touch of the wild into your home.

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