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3 Reasons Why is Your crested Gecko Jumping at Glass

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by The Pet Engineers


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Crested geckos are unique in their own ways. They have the kinds of idiosyncrasies that you won’t find in a cat or a dog.

One such strange thing that you may get to experience as the pet owner of a crested gecko is to see it jump at the glass.

Crested geckos are jumpy in nature. And it is common for them to jump around the branches and decorations in the tank.

But sometimes, crested geckos may hurl themselves at the glass for no apparent reason – or, more accurately, no apparent provocation.

But the act of your crested gecko jumping at the glass walls of its enclosure may sometimes be indicative of some need or state of your crested gecko.

Key Takeaway:
The reason why your crested gecko jumps at the glass might boredom, heat or ready to mate or curious.

3 Reasons Crested Gecko Is Jumping At Glass

The three most common reasons why your crested gecko may be jumping at the glass are listed below:

1 – Your crested gecko needs more space.

If you have had your crested gecko since it was a hatchling, it is only natural that you must have started off with a relatively smaller tank.

As your crested gecko grows in age and size, it will need more space. One way of indicating this need is by jumping at the glass of the tank.

So, if your crested gecko has suddenly started jumping at the walls of its enclosure, as it is growing in age and size, it may be time to get a new tank for your crested gecko.

10 gallon tank
Your crestie’s tank might be small

2 – The mating season is here.

Your crested gecko may get jumpy, excited, and even aggressive during the mating season – especially if it does not have any mates.

So, if your crested gecko is already in a sufficiently spacious tank, and has still started jumping at the glass of the tank, then chances are that the mating season of crested geckos is here.

Your crested gecko may be in heat.

3 – Your crested gecko is either stressed or curious.

If you have just brought your crested gecko home, then chances are that your crested gecko is stressed or curious about the new environment – or both.

The signs of stress are visible from distress, discomfort, and uneasy body language.

If that hasn’t been the case with your crested gecko, then chances are that it is just curious about what’s inside and outside the tank.

Either stress or curiosity may be making your crested gecko jumpy – in turn, your crested gecko may be jumping at the glass of its tank.

How To Stop Your Crested Gecko From Jumping At Glass?

Well, you can’t do much except from these three things:

  • Get a bigger enclosure.
  • Make sure it has a lot of accessories or branches to keep it active.
  • Look out for stress signs in your crested gecko and try to eliminate them.

Why Is My Crested Gecko Trying To Bite Me Through The Glass?

Your crested gecko is appearing to bite through the glass because it is either curious or bored.

Crested geckos are solitary creatures that enjoy their own company. But this solitude often leads to either extreme boredom or extreme curiosity.

In any case, your crested gecko may try to explore its territory by trying to lick, bite, or sniff its surroundings. This also includes the glass walls of its enclosures.

So, what seems like a bite at you may as well be an act of exploration done out of curiosity or boredom with your crested gecko.

Crested gecko sticking to glass
Crested gecko sticking to glass


Crested geckos are unique creatures. They have a lot of idiosyncrasies that are often exclusive to them.

One such is their act of either jumping at or biting the glass walls of their enclosure.

This is simply an act of either boredom, curiosity, or in some cases, an indication of mating urges or the need for more space.

Either way, whatever the cause may be, it is neither easy nor advisable to jump to a conclusion without looking at additional signs that validate your assumptions.

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