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Can Crested Geckos Run and How Fast Can They Run?

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Can crested geckos run?

Yes, crested geckos can run – even though it may seem surprising because they spend most of their time in the enclosure simply resting and lying around.

In the wild, a crested gecko needs to be alert because it is always at risk of being predated. When approached by a predator, a crested gecko can run really fast to escape and save its life.

In captivity, however, you will not see your pet crested gecko run around as much as it jumps from one branch to another.

This is because a crested gecko is an arboreal animal, and it prefers jumping over branches more than running as a mode of locomotion.

So, running is essentially an act of flight response that gets activated when the crested gecko is threatened – much like the dropping of the tail.

In captivity, since your crested gecko is mostly at peace due to the safety and shelter, you will not see it run that often.

How Fast Can A Crested Gecko Run?

While there has not been any particular study dedicated to measuring how fast a crested gecko can run, observational evidence suggests that most geckos can run at a pace of 9 miles per hour when they want to escape a predator.

Chances are that a crested gecko may exceed that speed as well. But since there has not been any dedicated study regarding the speed of running of crested geckos, there seems to be a general consensus on the speed of a crested gecko ranging between 9 miles an hour and 20 miles an hour.

How Far and Long Can a Crested Gecko Run?

There is no accurate measure of how far and long a crested gecko runs, but when spooked, a crested gecko can jump about 5 to 6 times its body length.

If you consider the average size of a medium-sized crested gecko to be around 10 inches, then in a single jump, that crested gecko can easily cover up to 60 inches – which is close to 1.5 meters!

So, if you consider the average speed to be around 9 miles an hour, which translates to 4 meters per second, and take into consideration the average distance covered by the crested gecko in a single jump, then within a couple of seconds, a crested gecko can easily cover a distance of 5.5 to 6 meters.

Crested gecko running

The Factors That Determine Crested Geckos’ Running Speed

The factors that may determine a crested gecko’s running speed include:

  • Energy level
  • Overall health and fitness
  • Whether or not it has an injury
  • Diet
  • Terrain
  • Situation

Reasons Why a Crested Gecko Might Run

The following are the 2 major reasons why you will see a crested gecko run:

Reason 1 – To Escape A Predator

In the wild, the major reason for a crested gecko to run is to escape a predator. Other than that, being arboreal, a crested gecko only prefers to jump from one branch to another.

You will rarely ever see a crested gecko run as a means of locomotion.

Reason 2 – To Hide Due To Stress

A crested gecko is a very solitary creature. It prefers to be left alone in its enclosure. In fact, even a pet crested gecko may need a lot of time to merely get used to the presence of its owner.

So, if you suddenly have new people near the enclosure of your pet crested gecko, or if it sees some new person or animal, it will get spooked and run into hiding.

Similarly, if you try to handle the crested gecko or hold it in your hands before it is ready, it will get spooked and run away from you.

Which Crested Gecko Morph is Fastest Runner?

The different morphs of a crested gecko are generally only concerned with the appearance of the gecko. Other than that, there is no difference between the overall health, fitness, dietary, and other requirements.

So, there is no one crested gecko that may be faster than the other. It depends on every individual crested gecko and how its body reacts to a given situation.

So, even different crested geckos of the same morph will have a different maximum running speeds. No one morph is faster or slower than the other.


Crested geckos are not exactly runners. They even move around by means of jumping from one branch to another.

Crested geckos are arboreal and rarely spend any time on the ground. In fact, in a single jump, a crested gecko can cover about 1.5 meters of distance – which is 5 to 6 times its length.

However, observational evidence suggests that a crested gecko can run at a speed of around 9 miles per hour when it is threatened by a predator.

So, running is a part of a crested gecko’s flight response under threat.

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