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Can Crested Geckos Eat Yoghurt And Should You Feed It To Them?

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Yoghurts are known to be nutritious and help aid in digestion.

But can crested geckos experience these benefits? Can crested geckos eat yoghurt?

Well, yoghurt isn’t the best food. Here’s why you shouldn’t be feeding your crested gecko yoghurt and alternatives to it.

Can Crested Geckos Eat Yoghurt?

Yes, crested geckos can eat yoghurt. However, we recommend not feeding yoghurt to your crested gecko.

Should You Feed Yoghurt To Your Crested Gecko?

No, you should feed yoghurt to your crested gecko. Although, we humans enjoy eating yoghurt and it’s good for our health. This same isn’t true for crested geckos.

Feeding your gecko yoghurt leads to digestive problems and malnutrition.

Should Baby And Juvenile Crested Geckos Eat Yoghurt?

No, baby and juvenile crested geckos shouldn’t eat yoghurt.

Feeding yoghurt to young crested geckos can cause digestive problems and so it isn’t recommended.

Why You Shouldn’t Feed Yoghurt To Crested Geckos?

Here are 2 reasons why feeding yoghurt to crested geckos isn’t a good idea.

Can’t Be Fully Digested

Yoghurt can’t be fully digested by a gecko because they haven’t evolved digestive systems for such purposes.

Yoghurts contain lactose – a type of sugar found in dairy products. Just like how some humans are lactose intolerant which causes bloating and diarrhoea.

Geckos experience the same when they eat yoghurt. In fact, all geckos are lactose intolerant since geckos don’t drink milk in the wild.

Doesn’t Occur Naturally In Their Habitat

Yoghurt doesn’t occur naturally in a gecko’s habitat. Furthermore, dairy has to be processed before turning into yoghurt.

Because it doesn’t occur naturally and is also processed. Geckos haven’t evolved to digest yoghurt or any other dairy products.

This makes it dangerous to feed them yoghurt because it will cause digestive problems and malnutrition.

5 Alternatives To Yoghurt



Mangoes are juicy fruits and part of a gecko’s diet. Mangoes contain a lot of vitamins and minerals promoting healthy growth in a crested gecko.

You can slice or blend mangoes with other fruits or insects further improving the nutritional content.



Blueberries are the best fruit to improve a crested gecko’s immune system. Rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.

Blueberries make sure your crested gecko’s immune system is strong enough to defend against illness.

Furthermore, they contain low levels of oxalic acid which can be quite detrimental to your crested gecko’s health if consumed in large quantities.



Perhaps one of the most popular and nutritious larvae fed to crested geckos. Mealworms are rich in protein and fats making them the best for adult and young crested geckos.

Dusting and gut loading mealworms are recommended before being fed to crested geckos. This boosts the nutritional content of the larvae.



Bananas are great alternatives to yoghurt for crested geckos. Bananas contain a good amount of nutrients and fiber. Plus, can be easily mixed with other fruits, insects or larvae.

Overripe bananas are the best to be fed to crested geckos.



Hornworms are the larval stage of the hawkmoth – rich in protein, fats, and calcium. Hornworms are a nutritious food that can be fed to young and adult crested geckos.


Although crested geckos can eat yoghurt. Feeding it to them is not a good idea and will cause digestive problems in your pet.

It’s best to avoid yoghurt or any other food that doesn’t occur naturally in a crested gecko’s habitat.

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