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Can Crested Geckos Eat Honey or Not?

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by The Pet Engineers


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Can crested geckos eat honey? It’s known that honey, nectar, fruits, insects, and larvae are part of a crested gecko’s diet. Crested geckos eat honey in the wild.

But what about captivity? Is it safe to feed honey to pet crested geckos? And what are the risks associated?

Honey can be quite a tricky meal to serve and can quickly go wrong (health-wise) if you don’t know how to feed it to your crested gecko.

Here’s everything you need to know about serving honey to your crestie.

Can Crested Geckos Eat Honey?

Yes, crested geckos can eat honey. Honey is eaten in the wild when a gecko is lucky to find one. Bees are aggressive to intruders and geckos don’t have any defense mechanism against them.

They can be easily stung to death. Hence honey is only eaten when found with no signs of bees around and eaten in small quantities.

Too much honey will cause health problems in your crested gecko. Honey should only be served as a treat.

Should You Feed Honey To Crested Geckos?

Yes and no, you shouldn’t feed honey to crested geckos in large quantities. But you can feed honey to crested geckos as a treat or a sweetener for foods.

The only time to feed honey in quite a large amount is when your gecko is underweight or not eating. A good amount of honey will make your gecko enjoy its food and also increase its weight.

Once the designed weight is reached you can stop serving or reduce the quantity of honey.

Drops of honey should be given to crested geckos
Drops of honey should be given to crested geckos

Can Baby And Juvenile Crested Geckos Eat Honey?

Yes, baby and juvenile crested geckos can eat honey. You shouldn’t feed large quantities of honey to crested geckos.

Recommended Honey For Crested Geckos?

Manuka honey

Manuka honey is produced by the bees that pollinate the flowers found on the manuka tea tree. The honey contains antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties.

The health benefits make it one of the best-recommended honey for not only people but for pets too.

Orange blossom honey

Originating from sunny Florida and orange groves. The bees collect the fragrant nectar from orange blossoms and turn it into sweet fruit honey that’s incredibly aromatic.

In addition, this type of honey is high in calcium.

Nutritional Value Of Honey

Nutritional value of honey
Nutritional value of honey

Honey is made up of carbohydrates or sugars with little to no protein. A honey-only diet will cause health problems in your pet because it lacks other essential nutrients.

How To Feed Honey to Crested Geckos?

Honey can’t be fed in large quantities because of the health problems it will cause in geckos. Instead, honey is added to fruits and insects to enhance the taste.

A few drops of honey are more than enough when added to their food. We recommend doing this once in a while because a gecko can get addicted when honey isn’t added.

Your gecko won’t eat its food. Here’s how to feed honey to your gecko.

  1. Get your fruits or insects.
  2. Pour a few drops of honey onto the food.
  3. Serve the food as it is or blend the fruits or insects into a paste/puree.
  4. Serve the puree to your crested gecko.

What Happens When Crested Geckos Eat Too Much Honey?

It’s known that excess sugar intake causes diabetes and malnutrition in humans. The same is true for geckos.

Excess honey intake will cause your pet to become diabetic or obese. Worst case scenario death if not treated or handled in its early stages.

It’s best to provide crested geckos drops of honey or serve it to them sparingly.

honey comb
Getting honey in the wild can result in a bee attack


Although crested geckos eat honey and nectar in the wild. They only do so in small quantities. Too much and a crested gecko will develop diabetes, high cholesterol, or become fat.

For this reason, honey should be served in small quantities preferably droplets. Honey shouldn’t be served alone but with other foods to enhance the taste.

That’s it on whether crested geckos can eat honey or not.

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