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4 Best Automatic Misters (Foggers) For Crested Geckos in 2022

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Humidity is one of the most important parameters of a crested gecko’s enclosure.

You need to ensure that the tank of your pet crested gecko is always in the accurate range of humidity.

One important process that helps you maintain humidity in your crested gecko’s tank is misting.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about misters, foggers, and humidifiers.

  • Top Pick
    exo terra monsoon

    Exo Terra Monsoon Multi II

    This mister has a very easy installation that will require 30 minutes or less.

  • Premium Pick
    repti zoo mister

    Repti Zoo Mister

    The Repti Zoo mister, on the other hand, has a very silent operation.

  • Best Value
    oiibo automatic reptile misting system

    Oiibo Automatic Reptile Misting System

    On a busy day, when you’re in a rush, you can simply use the remote to operate the mister quickly.

Best Automatic Mister (Fogger) For Crested Geckos

Here, you will find a list of top automatic misters that have been tried and tested.

Take a look and choose what works best for your needs!

Top Pick
exo terra monsoon

Exo Terra Monsoon Multi II

  • Easy installation
  • Easy refilling
  • Dual filtering
  • Easy UI
  • Long power cord

Exo Terra Monsoon Multi II is an automatic high-pressure misting system.

It is a programmable mister, which means you can set it up to work in cycles and adjust the duration for which the nozzle will spray in each cycle.

It comes with a splitter and 2 nozzles that will allow you to connect two cages to it at once.

According to the product’s website, you can even connect up to 6 cages to the same mister. But, there are two problems with this:

  • The capacity of the mister.

The Exo Terra Monsoon Multi II comes with a base tank of 2 gallons.

You can only hold up to 2 gallons of water – although, it is recommended to fill it up to 80% of its capacity.

This will ensure that the electronics present in the lid of the mister are safeguarded from any spills due to feeder pipe leakage or movement of the tank.

Now, when you connect 6 tanks to the same mister, with only a limited quantity of water.

You will naturally run out sooner and will have to refill the tank much more frequently.

It will be much more feasible to just have different misters for pairs of tanks. That way, you won’t run out of water so quickly.

  • The pressure of the nozzle.

Naturally, when you connect multiple nozzles, the pressure gets divided.

So, while it will provide perfect pressure for one and two tanks, the pressure of the nozzles will start reducing from the third tank onwards.

Who should get the Exo Terra Monsoon Multi II Model?

Anyone who isn’t able to be at home for a couple of days should definitely get this mister.

Moreover, if you have 2 tanks, even then getting this tank will be helpful and valuable.

If you’re someone who is unable to be at home for long hours – mostly due to work shifts – then the Exo Terra Monsoon Multi II model will come in handy for you.

Who probably shouldn’t get this model?

If you have only one tank, and if you are available at home for a sufficient amount of time in order to mist your crested gecko’s tank.

You probably shouldn’t invest in this model. You’ll be better suited to a single nozzle mister that doesn’t connect to multiple tanks.


  • Easy installation. This mister has a very easy installation that will require 30 minutes or less. It comes with a clear and understandable instruction manual – but the best part is that even if you don’t thoroughly read the manual, you should be able to at least do the basic setup without hassle. You should, however, read the instruction manual carefully for setting the timer cycle.
  • Easy refilling. You don’t need to open the entire lid again and again to refill the water. The Exo Terra Monsoon Multi II comes with an easy-filling hatch on the lid. You just need to slide it open and pour water for refilling.
  • Dual filtering. The refilling hatch on the lid has a filter. So, when you pour water, it will get filtered before getting into the tank. Similarly, even the feeder pipe, which takes the water from the tank to the nozzle spray, has a filter at its end where it connects to the lid as well.
  • Easy UI. The buttons on the lid are pretty easy to understand. You won’t have to struggle to understand which button does what.
  • Long power cord. The power cord is easily longer than 3 feet. This gives you added flexibility – you’ll most likely not need any extension cords to connect your mister to power.


  • Suction cups. The nozzle sprays that need to be put in the crested gecko’s tank have suction cups as holders. While suction cups are easy to attach to the enclosure walls, it is uncertain how long a suction cup would last. Experience says, not very long. So, that’s one downside of the mister.
  • No automatic shutoff. Another downside to using this mister is that there isn’t any automatic shutoff available. If your mister’s tank runs out of water, the pump will continue to run. The mister does, however, come with an overheat shutoff feature. Once the pump overheats, it will shut off. But then, once the temperature reaches the original levels, the pump will start running again – even if the tank is still empty. If you are not careful about this, your mister will get damaged pretty soon.

Repti Zoo Mister

repti zoo mister
  • Easy installation
  • Budget-friendly
  • Silent pumping
  • 360-degree spray nozzle
  • Easy to refill

The Repti Zoo mister is a compact and budget-friendly mister. It is smaller in size and thus has a lower capacity.

But it is suitable for a single tank of a crested gecko.

You can choose between two models: the smaller one has a 2-liter capacity (approximately 0.53 gallons) and the bigger one has a 10-liter capacity (approximately 2.64 gallons).

Who should get the Repti Zoo Mister?

Anyone on a tight budget who needs a mister should surely give Repti Zoo a try.

Even the smaller model, which is under $100, can last for a good 3 to 4 days for your crested gecko’s tank.

Who probably shouldn’t get this model?

Anyone who has two or more tanks to cater to will be better off with the Exo Terra model. The Repti Zoo model may not answer their needs very well.


  • Easy installation. Both the models of this mister are very easy to install. You can set your mister up in around 30 minutes.
  • Budget-friendly. The smaller model is under $100 (approximately $95 to $98 on Amazon and other websites) and the bigger model is under $150 (approximately $145 to $148 on Amazon and other websites).
  • Silent pumping. A major advantage that puts this model a cut above its competitors is the sound. Most misters, including the aforementioned Exo Terra model, make noise while misting. The Repti Zoo mister, on the other hand, has a very silent operation.
  • 360-degree spray nozzle. The spray nozzle of the mister does not just spray water droplets in front of it. It has a complete 360-degree reach ensuring greater coverage of the entire tank.
  • Easy to refill. Even the Repti Zoo mister has a hole provided on the lid to refill water. You don’t need to take the entire setup apart every time.


  • Short power cord. The power cord is shorter, making it difficult to place it close to the tank sometimes. You may need extension cables for this.
  • No water level indicator. Unless you keep an alert eye out, you won’t know when the mister has run out of water. You can, however, overcome this shortfall by purchasing a water level indicator and attaching it to your mister tank.

Oiibo Automatic Reptile Misting system

oiibo automatic reptile misting system
  • Adjustable mister power
  • Connects up to 10 nozzles with minimal loss of pressure
  • Compatible with all enclosures
  • The remote controller
  • Silent pumping and 360-degree spray

Oiibo Automatic Reptile Misting system is another programmable mister that allows you to adjust the cycle and duration of misting.

It comes with a remote that can be used to operate the mister from up to 10 meters away.

What’s interesting about this model is that its tubing and adapters are compatible with the Exo Terra mister as well.

And Oiibo is cheaper than Exo Terra.

So, if you already have an Exo Terra, and are looking for an upgrade at a lower cost, Oiibo can be your choice.

Who should get the Oiibo Automatic Reptile Misting system?

Anyone who has a lot of enclosures to mist will greatly benefit from the Oiibo mister. You will be able to connect up to 10 nozzles.

Moreover, this multi-unit mister is cheaper than the Exo Terra multi-unit mister.

Who probably shouldn’t get this model?

Anyone who has only one crested gecko tank to take care of can find a better, cheaper alternative.

If you have just one tank, you would probably be better off with a Repti Zoo – it is cheaper than Oiibo and has pretty much the same functionality for a single tank that Oiibo has for multiple tanks.


  • Adjustable mister power. With this mister, you can adjust the cycle and duration of misting and the mister power. You can choose a spray power and intensity that works best for your crested gecko.
  • Connects up to 10 nozzles with minimal loss of pressure. You can connect up to 10 nozzles to this mister and get considerable pressure from the mist spray.
  • Compatible with all enclosures. Doesn’t matter if you have a tank, terrarium, vivarium, cage, reptarium, or aquarium – this mister is compatible with all sorts of enclosures.
  • The remote controller. The remote controller is a neat feature. On a busy day, when you’re in a rush, you can simply use the remote to operate the mister quickly.
  • Silent pumping and 360-degree spray. Just like Repti Zoo, this mister has silent pumping and a spray with360-degree coverage.


  • The seller doesn’t have a replacement source. You will not be able to find original Oiibo replacement parts for your mister in case any part gets damaged.
  • Additional compatible parts are difficult to find. In continuation of the problem above, even if you do get some parts like the hose of a different brand from the market, it may most likely not be compatible with your Oiibo mister.

Mist King Misting System

mistking system
  • High pressure
  • Flexibility with reservoir capacity
  • Multi-unit
  • Variable application
  • Variety and choice

Now this one is a little different from its aforementioned competitors.

The Mist King misting system is a whole bundle including a pump, tubing, nozzles, etc. that you will need to create your own pumping system for your reservoir based on your requirements.

It is not like the other misters in which you simply add water and power it on.

With the Mist King system, you will get a pump that you need to attach to the mounting and mount it on a wall or pillar.

Then, you will need to attach all the tubing and connect it to the enclosure(s).

You will also need to provide a reservoir for the feeder to pull the water from – Mist King does not come with a reservoir.

This system comes in 4 latest models:

  1. The V4 Starter Model. This will cost you between $170 and $180. It can connect up to 10 nozzles and comes with a 15 feet tubing.
  2. The V5 Starter Model. It has similar features as the V4 model, but the electronics are upgraded. You can connect 10 nozzles easily with this pumping system. Even this one comes with 15 feet of tubing. This version will cost you somewhere between $180 and $190.
  3. The V5 Ultimate Model. This is an upgraded version of the V5 starter model. With this pumping system, you can easily surpass the previous 10-nozzle limit. You can connect about 10 to 30 nozzles with ease. This version will cost you somewhere between $250 and $300.
  4. The V5 Advanced Model. This is the latest upgraded version of the Mist King mister. It can handle up to 70 nozzles! This one will cost you somewhere between $475 and $500.

Who should get the Mist King Misting Systel?

If you have 4 or more enclosures, or at least an enclosure and a whole patio to mist, only then it will justify spending so much on a misting system.

Otherwise, for singular or pairs of tanks, there are cheaper misters available.

Who probably shouldn’t get this model?

If you just have one or two tanks to mist, then you should go for something like Oiibo or Repti Zoo.

Mist King will become an expense more than an investment at that point.


  • High pressure. Even with multiple nozzles, you won’t experience a drastic loss of pressure.
  • Flexibility with reservoir capacity. Since it is simply a pumping system, you don’t have to limit yourself to just 2 gallons. You can even connect a 5-gallon reservoir to the pumping system.
  • Multi-unit. The Mist King mister is multi-unit in the truest sense. With a minimum of 10 nozzles and a maximum of 70 nozzles, you can connect all your enclosures to this one system.
  • Variable application. An added bonus is that if you have a patio or lawn that needs to be misted too, you can simply have tubing connected to the same misting system.
  • Variety and choice. You have 4 versions to choose from – you can go for whichever model suits your needs best.


  • Expensive. Even the smallest version, the V4 starter, is heavy on the wallet.
  • Tricky to install. With drilling holes and making mounting brackets and all the fittings that you need to do, the Mist King setup is surely a chore that will take up your entire Sunday!

How Much Does An Automatic Mister Cost?

On average, an automatic mister will cost you between $50 and $175.

The total price will depend on the model you choose, its capacity, the number of nozzles, and other accessories required with the equipment.

But, even then, you should not be needing more than $200 for a good quality automatic mister for your crested gecko’s tank.

Crested Gecko Humidity Requirements

You need to maintain the relative humidity levels of your crested gecko’s tank at 60 to 80 percent.

Misting the tank with warm water can help you achieve the required humidity.

Make sure to use only filtered, drinkable water for misting because your pet crested gecko will drink more water from the misting droplets than from its water bowl.

Depending on the size of your pet crested gecko’s tank, you may need to mist several times a day to keep the moisture levels adequate.

Automatic Mister Vs Spray Bottle For Crested Geckos

The key difference between an automatic mister and a spray bottle is that with an automatic mister, you don’t need to mist the tank of your crested gecko manually.

The automatic mister will mist the tank at periodic intervals. With a spray bottle, you will manually mist the tank.

There are pros and cons to both.

Advantages of a Spray Bottle

With a spray bottle, you will be able to decide whether or not the tank of your crested gecko needs misting.

While too low humidity can dehydrate your crested gecko, too high humidity can cause fungal infections and upper respiratory diseases.

It is important to let the humidity level of your pet’s tank fall to 50% before misting.

With an automatic mister, you may lose track of monitoring the humidity levels.

Thus, the tank of your crested gecko may never reach the required low levels periodically.

This will make the tank too humid too constantly for your crested gecko.

Advantages of an Automatic Mister

With an automatic mister, you won’t have to forget about accidentally forgetting to mist your crested gecko’s tank.

You just need to set a periodic timer and the tank will be automatically misted at regular intervals.

Which Is Better: Spray Bottle Or Automatic Mister?

There is no single answer to this. It depends on your preferences and needs.

You can opt for a spray bottle but you will need to ensure that you don’t forget to mist your crested gecko’s tank.

It needs to be done several times a day.

If for whatever reason, you won’t be available constantly to mist your crested gecko’s tank several times a day, you could opt for an automatic mister.

Difference Between Mister And Fogger

The difference between a reptile’s mister and a fogger is understood by understanding the difference between mist and fog.

Mist is a layer of tiny water droplets that are suspended in the air.

Fog, on the other hand, is a thicker layer of cloud-like suspension of much smaller droplets of water.

Fog is essentially the intersection between water vapor and water droplets.

Mist has larger droplets of water with an average size between 10 to 100 microns, while fog has ultra-small droplets of water with an average size of 1 to 10 microns.

Based on these differences between mist and fog, a mister produces a mist, with relatively larger water droplets, and a fogger produces fog, with ultra-small droplets of water.

Benefits Of A Mister

Since a mist produces larger water droplets, it has several advantages, such as:

  • Misting helps your crested gecko hydrate. Your pet will get a lot of its water intake by licking drops of water off the enclosure walls after misting.
  • Misting, due to its large water droplets, cleans the walls of the enclosure by carrying small fecal pieces down to the substrate, where it gets recycled and becomes nutritious for the plants.
  • The plants of the enclosure also get their hydration from the water droplets produced by misting.

Benefits Of A Fogger

The main benefit of a fogger is that it makes the tank cooler than a mister could. But this is only beneficial during the hotter seasons.

Other than that, a fogger does not provide the additional benefits of hydration that a mister does.

Do Crested Geckos Need A Mister?

Your crested gecko does need misting, but whether you use a mister or not is completely your preference.

You can also mist your crested gecko’s tank using a simple spray bottle filled with warm distilled water.

So, it is safe to say that your crested gecko does not need a mister.

But it is recommended that you use a mister because it will automate things and make it easier for you to take care of your pet’s tank’s humidity levels.

Do Crested Geckos Like Being Misted?

Some crested geckos may get momentarily uncomfortable during misting, but usually, that is not the case.

More often than not, a crested gecko will enjoy being misted.

Crested geckos come from rainforests, where they experience much heavier downpours on a regular basis.

So, a little misting every now and then will not cause much stress to your crested gecko.

Can You Use A Humidifier For Crested Gecko?

Yes, you can use a humidifier for your crested gecko. In fact, a mister is a type of humidifier.

You can use manual means such as a spray bottle too – but using a humidifier or a mister will prove to be much more beneficial.

Using a humidifier will allow you to ensure that the tank of your crested gecko is misted several times every day.

This is essential because missing out on misting your crested gecko’s tank for a day or two will make it feel uncomfortable. Longer periods of no misting can start causing health issues due to dehydration.

Does My Crested Gecko Need A Humidifier?

Every crested gecko owner should own and use a mister. While spray bottles can be used, a humidifier or mister will prove to be more efficient in maintaining the humidity of your crested gecko’s tank.

So, while your crested gecko does not need a humidifier, owing to the manual alternative available, it is recommended that you get one anyway.

It will be an investment and not an expense.

What Are The Signs My Crested Gecko Is Dehydrated?

Some of the most common signs of dehydration in a crested gecko are:

Loss of skin elasticity.

One of the most common symptoms of dehydration in any animal, including your pet crested gecko, is the elasticity of the skin.

When your crested gecko becomes dehydrated, its skin becomes dry, flaky, and inelastic.

You can check this by gently pinching the layer of skin on your crested gecko’s back and letting it go – if it does not retain its original shape and tautness.

It may be a sign that your crested gecko is dehydrated.


There are many reasons behind your crested gecko becoming lethargic – and dehydration is one of them.

If your crested gecko is showing excess lethargy while showing visible signs of dehydration, you may need to revamp your hydration strategies for your pet.

Loss of appetite.

Loss of appetite can again have a lot of underlying causes.

But dehydration is one of the most common causes that leads to a crested gecko losing its appetite.

Visible bony appearance.

When your crested gecko is severely dehydrated, it loses a lot of weight.

This happens because dehydration causes loss of appetite.

Moreover, the skin also becomes wrinkly and dry.

This gives an overall bony appearance to your dehydrated crested gecko.

What Size Enclosure Do I Need For An Automatic Mister?

The good thing about automatic misters is that there is a variety of misters available in the market.

This means you don’t need to worry about matching the size of your enclosure to a certain benchmark.

You can get a mister for whatever size of tank you require.

If you have a tank that is between 10 and 30 gallons, you can opt for smaller automatic misters such as Exo Terra Monsoon Solo II or the ZooMed ReptiRain system.

For tanks greater than 30 gallons, you can opt for bigger misters such as the MistKing.


Top Pick
exo terra monsoon

Exo Terra Monsoon Multi II

  • Easy installation
  • Easy refilling
  • Dual filtering
  • Easy UI
  • Long power cord

Taking care of the humidity level of your crested gecko tank is very important. One way to do so is to manually mist using a spray bottle.

But if you want to make misting more efficient, you should get a mister. Some misters have been reviewed in this article for your benefit.

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